Sunday 21 July 1996 23:02

Takanohana flipped fellow yokozuna (grand champion) Akebono on his back yesterday to win the Nagoya Grand Tournament with a 13-2 record. It was 23-year-old Takanohana's 14th career victory and his third in succession. Before 9,000 spectators at the Aichi Prefectural (state) Gymnasium, Takanohana grabbed Akebono's belt quickly, drove him to the ring's edge and tipped him over backward. Akebono, or Chad Rowan from Hawaii, appeared to be favoring his left shoulder, and failed to use either arm effectively. He finished at 12-3. Takanonami, who shared the lead with Takanohana and Akebono on Saturday, suffered his third defeat at the hands of Kaio earlier yesterday, and finished at 12-3.


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