Tom Brady apologises for ‘breaking that tablet’ during ‘ugly’ NFL game

‘I think that’s going to be another Twitter meme or something like that,’ quarterback says

Amber Raiken
New York
Tuesday 20 September 2022 07:12 BST

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Tom Brady has issued an apology for his behaviour, after breaking a tablet on Sunday during an NFL Game.

Over the weekend, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback and his team played against the New Orleans Saints. Before the Buccaneers won the game, with a score of 20-10, Brady was spotted throwing a tablet, while on the the sidelines of the field, out of frustration, before multiple social media users shared a video of the incident all over Twitter.

On Sunday night, the 45-year-old athlete apologised for his actions in a video posted to Twitter. He started off the clip by addressing his team’s “great win to get to 2-0”, referring to how the Buccaneers have won every game since the 2022 football season started.

However, he still expressed that regardless of his big wins, “the ugly” moments “count too”, before acknowledging how his outburst on the field went viral.

“Sorry for breaking that tablet,” he said. “I think that’s going to be another Twitter meme or something like that.”

“Flying home to Tampa,” he continued. “Get ready for next week. Green Bay coming to town, let’s go.”

As of 19 September, Brady’s video has more than 626,800 views, with multiple Twitter users criticising him for throwing the tablet in the first place.

“The tablet throwing and screaming is getting old.  It’s week 2 dude.  You’re the one who fumbled unforced,” one wrote. “You’re the one throwing balls over defenders. A patchwork O-Line kept you upright all game. Fine line between passion and whining.”

“I’m a huge fan and happy for the win!! Go Bucs! But you need to check that temper. Our youth look to you as a role model including your children. Not a good look Tom!” another wrote.

A third person claimed: “Happy when you winning. Crying when you lose. Never been anyone more of a sore loser in NFL history then you Tom.”

During the third quarter of the game on Sunday, the seven-time Super Bowl winner displayed his anger over the score, as the Saints were in the lead at the time, by throwing a Microsoft tablet on the ground, per CNN.

Memes have quickly circulate on the situation, including one from sports anchor Kyle Burger, who tweeted one video of Brady throwing the tablet at Sunday’s game and another clip of his throwing a tablet in 2021, during yet another match against the New Orleans team.

In the caption, Burger poked fun at the comparison and wrote: “The Microsoft tablet might want to sit out the next Tom Brady plays the Saints.”

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