Occupy Sussex students plead not guilty


A crowd of supporters gathers outside Brighton Magistrates' Court
A crowd of supporters gathers outside Brighton Magistrates' Court

Four students pleaded not guilty today at Brighton Magistrates Court to charges related to protests that took place at the University of Sussex up to three weeks ago.

Three students charged with obstructing a police officer and one student charged with criminal damage all entered pleas of not guilty.

A protest was held outside the court, with action group Defend The Right To Protest calling on people to attend the court date and voice their concern over the charges of four students.

An injunction was granted by the High Court two weeks ago to the University, which permitted the eviction of an occupation that had been ongoing for seven weeks.

Several students raised concerns over the wording of the injunction which they claim “effectively bans all protests on campus- privatisation related or not”.

In a statement released by the Registrar and Secretary of the University, John Duffy commented:

“The University has sought to act reasonably in bringing this unlawful occupation to an end, following the escalation that led to violence, intimidation, thefts and damage at a demonstration organised by the occupiers last week”.

Lydia Dagostino, the students' solicitor, told The Independent that 'all defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges and will be fighting together to clear their names'.

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