Best Google Chrome extensions: 14 free add-ons you need in your life

From Hover Zoom to Adblock, Tab Wrangler to Readability

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 01 May 2014 16:28 BST

These free Google Chrome add-ons will make your life a lot easier next time you computer.

Each should only take a second to install but will save you many thousands of seconds with your day-to-day work/play.

Included are extensions that boost security, ones that aim to increase your productivity and ones that just generally make the internet a nicer place to be.

Scroll through them in the gallery below (each can be easily disabled if you're not into it, and all are Google-approved).

Hover Zoom is about the most useful in there, avast will keep you safest and Cloud To Butt Plus is the most ridiculous.

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