Apple event: Everything Apple is expected to announce at its latest launch – and everything it won't

No iPhones and Apple Watches – but maybe almost everything else

Andrew Griffin
Monday 29 October 2018 17:57 GMT
Iphone XR spectrum of colours

Apple is about to hold its next big event – and is rumoured to be updating a huge number of its products.

The October event comes just weeks after the launch of its new iPhone and Apple Watch. Those two products will probably not be mentioned during the event, but everything else is rumoured to be getting at least a little change.

The location of the event is a strange one: it is being held in New York, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, far from Apple's home in California. Most likely, that's intended to emphasise the creative aspect of the event and the products being shown, just like when the company's education event in March was held at a school.

Here's everything we're expecting – and everything we're not.


The iPad Pro is likely to be the star of the show: it will be getting a complete redesign, as well as a whole host of other features.

Most heavily rumoured – and most obviously – the new tablet is expected to borrow the iPhone X form factor and do away with the home button. As with the phone, that will allow the iPad's display to reach all the way to the edge.

If that happens, it will probably also borrow the iPhone's Face ID technology, which was introduced in part so that the home button could go away. It remains to be seen how Apple will have integrated that with the fact the iPad can be used on its side.

As well as those design upgrades, the tablet will almost certainly get improved processors and other internal upgrades. There will also be a USB-C port in the bottom of the tablet, either in addition to or instead of the Lightning port used to charge it today.

And there will also probably be an updated version of the Apple Pencil, the stylus that came out with the first iPad Pro. That seems to be suggested by Apple's invitations – which appear to have been custom drawn for each invitee – and is in keeping with the creativity theme that Apple appears to be pitching for by holding the event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

There have also been suggestions that Apple could update the iPad Mini, which was last tweaked three years ago and hasn't been updated since. If it isn't updated, then the tablet will be getting so old that it might be dispensed with from the Apple line-up, so it does seem like that something will happen to it one way or another.


There will probably be two Mac updates: both small in stature, though very important to the people who buy and use them.

The first is rumoured to be either an update to, or a replacement for, the existing MacBook Air. That computer continues to sell widely, but is looking very past-it. Not only has it not had a significant revision since 2015, it's also lost much of its reason to exist: its name refers to the fact that it was once the smallest and lighted of Apple's computers, but it has been taken over in that regard.

In fact, it has been overtaken in just about every regard. It now includes old technology – it doesn't have the Retina display that is commonplace on every other Apple product – and its main distinguishing feature is that it's much cheaper than the other laptops in Apple's Mac line.

It's not clear what that new computer will look like. But its function is easy to guess: it will almost certainly be a slightly more basic, slightly cheaper, introduction to the Mac line aimed at education and other similar markets.

Alongside that is expected a new Mac Mini. Rumours suggest that it will get a "Pro" focused upgrade, which might include making it faster as well as redesigning its box.

Beyond those two computers, other upgrades are unlikely. The MacBook Pro got a refresh this year and the iMac Pro was only released around Christmastime. The other outlier might be the normal iMac, though Apple seems reasonably comfortable with that design having re-used it for the iMac Pro.


The iPhone has had its fun: it was the star of the big event last month, and the XR only came out last week. So there almost certainly will not be much to say this time around.

Most likely, Apple will mention its phone: perhaps to say how well sales of the new one are going, or something similar. But don't expect any major updates, either on the software or hardware side.

Apple Watch

Much the same applies to the Apple Watch. We'll almost certainly have some mention of it – that it's doing well, or that people love it – but don't expect any announcements of any kind.

Glasses and cars

Apple is almost certainly working on them, along with a range of other mysterious and secret projects. It's just as certain that it won't mention either.

Everything else

There are plenty of unknowns, especially in terms of the accessories that Apple might announce.

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So, for instance, Apple might finally reveal its AirPower charging mat. That product was first revealed alongside the iPhone last year, but mostly missing since then – leading some to hope that it would arrive at this year's iPhone event, which didn't happen. Now might be its time.

And if it does launch that AirPower charging pad, it will probably launch the updates AirPods to go on it. Apple has long been rumoured to be preparing a new version of its earphones – which are rumoured to include always-on "Hey Siri" and wireless charging – so they might come alongside the new launches too.

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