Apple reveals Mac Pro computer stand that costs $999

Announcement received shocked reaction

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 04 June 2019 12:19 BST
Crowd shocked by price of new Apple stand

Apple has revealed a computer stand that costs $999.

The expensive piece of kit holds up a display and costs as much as one of the company's computers.

The audience was noticeably shocked when the price was revealed during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. The computer itself had received rapturous reactions of cheers and applause – but the crowd was very quiet when the price of the stand was announced.

The stand is intended for the new Mac Pro, the most powerful computer Apple has ever made.

As with previous versions of that computer, it comes in a modular design. The computer itself is a customisable tower, but it has to be plugged in to a display to actually see anything.

It is the stand to hold up that display that costs $999.

Apple's new Mac Pro sits on display in the showroom during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference

The computer begins at $5,999 and could easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars when the specifications are bumped up.

And the screen costs $5,999 too, if users opt for the special matte display that stops glare and reflections.

But if customers want all of that to actually stand up, they will have to pay $999 for the stand. While customers can pay less to have the display attached to a wall, standing it up on a desk requires buying the accessory, which costs nearly as much as an entire MacBook.

During Apple's presentation, it stressed that the stand comes with a range of different features. It is made entirely of metal, for instance, and can swing and move so that it can easily move into a portrait mode or swivel around.​

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