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‘This has a high potential of getting ugly’: Area 51 town warns alien hunters descending on area to stay away

Town's official website warns visitors that 'residents do not like where this event is going and will respond accordingly'

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 13 August 2019 13:54 BST
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A website is warning people not to head into a town near a secret US base as part of the aftermath of the viral call to "storm Area 51".

In recent weeks, more than two million people signed up to try and break into the base as part of a viral but lighthearted Facebook event. It promised that those protecting the base would not be able to stop everyone and that participants would be able to "see them aliens".

After condemnation from US authorities, the event was shut down on Facebook. In response, the man who created it instead suggested that people should come to an event known as "Alienstock", a festival where people could together celebrate extraterrestrials on the same date but at a safe distance from Area 51.

Now the official website of Rachel, Nevada – the small town near the base that was chosen as a site for the event – has warned people that they could be in danger if they come to visit.

It notes that the only services in the area are found at the extraterrestrial-themed A'Le'Inn, which according to its website has already been booked up by alien fans. That will leave attendees fending for themselves in the desert – and potentially putting themselves at risk to do so.

It says that people should be "experienced in camping, hiking and surviving in a harsh desert environment", have a vehicle that will not break down and be able to fend for themselves. Internet and phone signal is not expected to be available, and nor are credit card payments.

The website also notes that the area has harsh temperatures, which could make camping fatal.

However, its final warning is about those that are arriving around the festival.

"This event will undoubtedly attract crooks trying to capitalise on the chaos," it reads. "Be on your guard and always lock your vehicle. And stay away from the residential part of Rachel. Most residents do not like where this event is going and will respond accordingly."

The messages goes on to suggest that residents will not be happy with anyone heading into the residential part of the town.

"The residents were not asked and are not on board and will certainly not allow their town to be taken over," it reads. "This has a high potential of getting ugly. Please consider visiting at another time."

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