Donald Trump 'has only one app on his phone' - Twitter

White House staff reportedly try to limit his screen time as much as possible

Aatif Sulleyman
Thursday 25 May 2017 17:05 BST
Mr Trump is believed to have made the switch from Android to iOS in March
Mr Trump is believed to have made the switch from Android to iOS in March (Reuters)

Donald Trump’s mobile phone only has one app installed on it, according to a new report.

The President current uses an iPhone, despite calling for a boycott of the company after it refused to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s handset last year.

His iPhone only has Twitter running on it, Axios reporter Mike Allen has claimed.

Citing “top White House officials”, the report adds that staff try to limit how much time he spends watching TV, in order to force a “more disciplined” President.

Mr Trump is said to get “worked up” while watching TV, which leads to him often sending out inflammatory tweets.

It isn’t clear if the President’s phone has been deliberately locked down by officials, but that would seem the likeliest scenario.

Preventing him from installing more apps should reduce the risk of his phone being hacked.

Mr Trump was heavily criticised for continuing to use his old, unsecured Samsung smartphone after becoming President.

The Secret Service reportedly gave him a secure, encrypted device ahead of inauguration, but he managed to hold onto his old one, which he carried on tweeting from.

This provoked warnings from a series of senior politicians, who claimed that Mr Trump's phone could easily be hacked and used to cause global instability.

He is believed to have made the switch from Android to iOS in March.

Former President Barack Obama said he campaigned to keep his BlackBerry when he first entered office in 2009, but had to settle for a heavily modified version that he couldn’t use for texting, taking pictures or listening to music.

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