Elon Musk says Twitter is ‘the worst’ amid increasing criticism – but it is also ‘the best’

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 08 November 2022 16:26 GMT
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Elon Musk has said that Twitter is the “worst”, but also the “best”, amid increasing criticism of his brief time owning it.

Mr Musk has faced criticism and a number of scandals in the time he has been owning and running the company, despite doing so for little over a week.

It wasn’t clear whether Mr Musk’s comments were describing the company, the site that it operates, or both.

“Twitter is the worst! But also the best,” he wrote on Twitter.

Mr Musk has been tweeting heavily since he took over the company. He is posting roughly 25 times a day on average, almost double his rate before he joined Twitter.

Some of those tweets have announced new policy and feature changes, as well as encouraging users to adopt them. He has been particularly focused on promoting his plans to charge $8 for a premium service that will allow users to receive the blue “verified” checkmark.

Other comments have been more controversial. On Monday, for instance, he made masturbation jokes about Mastodon, a rival platform that has received increased focus as a possible alternative to Twitter in the time since he has taken over.

Shortly after that post went live, it was deleted again. In replies to the post, some users urged Mr Musk not to delete his latest tweet about Twitter being “the worst”.

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