Meta’s Twitter rival Threads sees steep drop in daily users by 80 per cent, report says

Threads’ rapid growth made it the leading competitor of X (formerly Twitter)

Vishwam Sankaran
Friday 04 August 2023 05:50 BST

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Meta’s Twitter rival Threads appears to be struggling to hold on to users as its daily active user count is down by about four-fifth since its launch – just days after it broke records as the fastest-growing app ever.

Within a few days of its launch, Instagram’s threads reached 100 million users, making it the most rapidly growing app ever developed. In comparison, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which was the previous fastest-growing app, took two months to reach 100 million users.

Growing at such a rapid rate, Threads easily became the leading competitor of X (formerly Twitter) with about three times as many users as all other rivals combined within hours of launching.

But new data assessed by market research firm Sensor Tower suggests Threads is facing challenges in retaining its user base.

The firm’s analysis points out that the daily active user count of Threads is down by 82 per cent since the app’s launch as of 31 July, CNN reported.

Fewer users are opening the app and doing so less frequently, apart from spending less time there, according to Sensor Tower.

Citing the market research firm, CNN said users spent barely three minutes per day on Threads, compared to nearly 20 minutes during its initial launch.

Analysis by another firm Similarweb also pointed out that Threads is struggling to retain its users.

While the app’s usage peaked on 7 July – immediately after its launch – with over 49 million daily active users on Android alone, this number had fallen to 12.6 million by 23 July, according to a blog post by Similarweb.

At its peak, Threads reportedly had over a third of X’s audience on that platform, but by 23 July, this had dropped to about 12 per cent of the users on the Elon Musk-owned platform.

Sensor Tower noted that Threads’ daily active user count is still falling at about 1 per cent each day.

“Threads took off like a rocket, with its close linkage to Instagram as the booster. However, the developers of Threads will need to fill in missing features and add some new and unique ones if they want to make checking the app a daily habit for users,” Similarweb noted in its blog post.

Despite falling numbers, Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg is “quite optimistic” about the app, intending now to focus on “retention and improving the basics”, according to CNN.

“And then after that, we’ll focus on growing the community to the scale we think is possible,” Mr Zuckerberg said.

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