PSVR2 release date: PlayStation reveals availability and price of new virtual reality headset

Andrew Griffin
Wednesday 02 November 2022 18:43 GMT

Sony has revealed the price and release date for the upcoming PSVR2 headset.

The company has been repeatedly trailing the new PlayStation peripheral, showing off the new controllers and design of the headset itself, while also discussing the features it will come with.

Those new features include a range of upgrades on the original headset, such as an OLED screen, a wider field of view and 4K picture. It also has cameras built in, which will mean that players won’t have to set up external cameras in the room, as they do with the existing PlayStation VR.

But it has now revealed the final release date of the headset: February 22, 2023. The charging station that it can sit in will be out on the same day.

It will cost £529.99 or $549.99 for the PSVR2 on its own, Sony said. That will include the headset, its controllers and headphones.

Players can also pay an extra £40 or $50 for the Horizon Call of The Mountain bundle, which includes the new game.

And Sony will encourage players to pay £39.99 or $49.99 for the charging station, onto which the headset can be slotted and power up.

Initially, the console will only be available in select countries – the US, UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands and Luxembourg – through PlayStation’s own website. Pre-orders will open on 15 November and people can register to pre-order now.

Elsewhere, the console will be available through retailers.

Sony did not give any indication of whether it expected there to be enough of the PSVR2 available at launch. The PlayStation 5 has been blighted by supply issues ever since it launched, though they have been gradually easing.

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