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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Phones completely dying after battery runs flat, customers say

The handset succeeded the Note 7, which had to be recalled and discontinued after units started catching fire

Aatif Sulleyman
Thursday 28 December 2017 16:14 GMT
Samsung trailer boasts of Galaxy Note 8's battery capabilities

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users are complaining that their phones are failing to charge.

The issue appears to rear its head when some handsets are allowed to completely run out of battery.

Affected users say that once their Note 8 goes flat it stays flat, even if it’s plugged in and appears to be charging.

The problem was spotted by SamMobile, which noticed similar complaints on multiple forums on the web.

“My wife’s Note 8 turned off today and won’t turn back on,” reads one such complaint. “Tried the soft reset and safe mode button pushes and it won’t turn on. When it’s plugged in, the red light doesn’t turn on.”

Another adds: “I’ve tried 3 different power cables and cords but nothing. I charged overnight and still nothing. Completely dead.”

A complaint from another user says: “Won’t charge with a cable. Even tried a wireless charger. The blue light [illuminates] on the charger. But Phone won’t turn on.”

Others have reported their phones warming up while connected to a charger, but remaining dead.

It isn’t clear how widespread the issue is, but the fact it’s being discussed on multiple forums suggests it is affecting more than just a handful of people.

“We have yet to get any official report for this matter and are unable to comment until we obtain more specific information of the device,” Samsung told The Independent.

It says that any UK customers experiencing the issue or something similar should contact Samsung on 0330 726 7864.

The Note 8 came out in September, succeeding the Note 7, a phone that was recalled and discontinued because of faulty batteries.

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