There is literally not a single woman in this iPhone 6 queue

Smartphone launch proves a veritable sausage party

Christopher Hooton
Friday 19 September 2014 12:40 BST

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus finally go on sale around the world today and outside Apple's Covent Garden store in London there is already a colossal queue, albeit one with a pretty skewed gender ratio.

I've been staring at this image taken by passer-by Will Perrin for about 15 minutes now, and I still can't find a female anywhere in it..

Of course there were women in attendance for the launch, just not visible from that particular viewpoint, but one thing is for certain: Apple is absolutely nailing the 'guy wearing inoffensive navy t-shirt and wrist watch' demographic.

Early reports suggest demand is particularly high for the larger of Apple's two new devices, the iPhone 6 Plus, seen as the company's first foray into the "phablet" (shudder) market.

The latest iteration of the prized smartphone comes after iOS 8 was released earlier in the week, a new operating system already proving more popular than God.

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