Trump slurs through speech as he mocks Joe Biden's stutter

Mr Trump is speaking at a Las Vegas, Nevada, rally

Danielle Zoellner
New York
Friday 21 February 2020 22:28 GMT
Trump mocks former Vice President Joe Biden's stutter

President Donald Trump has slurred through his speech at a Nevada rally on Friday before mocking former Vice President Joe Biden's stutter.

The president spoke to a crowd of supporters in Las Vegas and used the opportunity to mock some of his competitors.

When taking jabs at democratic candidate Pete Buttigege, Mr Trump appeared to slur through his statement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, introducing President Alfred E Neuman," he said, making a comparison of the Indiana mayor to the fictitious character all while slurring the statement. "But see nobody knows because you're all too young, nobody knows."

Mr Trump informed the crowd the fictitious character comes from humor magazine Mad. Alfred E Neuman is the mascot and cover boy for the magazine, and it appears Mr Trump thought the cartoon image looked similar to that of the mayor.

It is unclear why the president slurred his speech during the moment of the rally.

The speech then moved on to take jabs at Mr Biden and a stutter that sometimes comes out when the former vice president speaks, something he's had since boyhood.

"Biden is angry. Biden is angry, everything is anger," Mr Trump said before doing an imitation of Mr Biden's stutter.

He continued: "And that's what happens when you can't get the words out. That's what happens when you can't get the words out, you get angry. Might happen to me one day. Can you imagine if that happened to me? Man would I be a bad guy. I would be the meanest man in history."

Mr Biden spoke during a CNN town hall last month about his stutter, which has come out a few times during debates.

"Still, occasionally, when I find myself really tired," he said about the speech impediment.

"It has nothing to do with your intelligence quotient. It has nothing to do with your intellectual makeup," he continued. Instead, Mr Biden said he thinks "part of it's confidence" and that he has to "think in terms of not rushing."

"You have to break it up, because you get so nervous," Mr Biden said.

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