Remote-control gate gives elephants a path to safety

Sensors open special gate for wildlife to pass to from farmland to protected forest in Kenya, avoiding human-elephant conflict

Friday 21 August 2020 15:09 BST
As farmland increases, wildlife and its habitats are being squeezed
As farmland increases, wildlife and its habitats are being squeezed

By Dan Kaburu for K24 TV in Kenya

Elephants cause huge damage to farmers crops, prompting retaliation where both people and animals are injured or killed. Keeping elephants and farmers safely apart is therefore a key conservation aim. But in Kenya, many end up trapped on the ‘wrong’ side of fences ringing protected areas.

Dan Kaburu reports how the Mount Kenya Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service worked together to instal a unique gate that opens remotely to allow elephants to pass to safety in a protected forest, linking them to other safe migration routes that lead them away from farmland.

Watch Dan’s full story here

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