Scottish referendum: The people of my country have brought a catastrophe upon themselves by voting No

Homes, healthcare and food prices - all are now at risk

Simon Brooke
Friday 19 September 2014 18:34
Dark days await Scotland
Dark days await Scotland

So, we lost.

The important thing to remember is that we all lost, every one of us in Scotland. All Jock Tamsons's bairns, those who voted No just as much as we who voted yes. All of our futures are dimmed, all of our hopes of comfort and prosperity diminished, all of our security eroded. And we Yes voters are luckier than they No voters. Not for us the slow dawning realisation of how dreadfully, how catastrophically they have erred.

When the value of their homes collapses and they are in negative equity, they will know - for they knew that the United Kingdom Government was promoting yet another unsustainable housing bubble - they will know they voted for that.

When they cannot afford to pay for their child's cancer treatment, they will know - for they knew that the United Kingdom government was determined to privatise healthcare - they will know that they brought that, too, upon their heads.

When their salaries will no longer pay for adequate food and the shelves at Maryhill are empty, they will know - for they knew the United Kingdom was building a low wage, low skill economy - they will know that that was their choice.

When there are no jobs in Scotland and their children emigrate in search of work, they will know - for they knew the United Kingdom concentrated all investment within the circle of the M25 - they will know that their action last night made it inevitable.

And when the security state arrests them and holds them without charge, they will know - because they knew the United Kingdom was progressively tearing up human rights - they will know that they have been architects of their own misfortune.

These things will come. So we must swallow our anger. Cast away resentment and schadenfreude.

When these things happen - and they will - we must all stand together in solidarity, Yes voters with No voters, hope with fear, the brave with the cautious. For we are all - still all, all of us together - Jock Tamson's bairns.

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