The government bonfire of Covid-19 regulations continues – but will we regret it?

Editorial: The ‘wall of defence’ against the consequences of the rising wave of infections still has some holes in it

Tuesday 06 July 2021 21:30

The ministerial bonfire of Covid-19 controls continues. Precautionary, sensible, low-impact and mitigating measures are being turned to ashes with an almost gleeful abandon.

The new health secretary, Sajid Javid, has been playing with the matches again, and seemed to relish the abolition of self-isolation for those notified by the app of a close contact with Covid (provided they have had two doses of the vaccine). This measure was one of the rare useful outcomes of the billions spent on test and trace.

A few minutes later, the House of Commons was treated to the spectacle of Gavin Williamson, gorged with excitement, puncturing the school bubbles that, though inconvenient, have also reduced the spread of the virus and helped prevent schools from becoming Covid hubs. The under-18s will also be able to skip self-isolation after contact with a Covid case.

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