Emma Raducanu’s victory in the US Open carries a message that goes far beyond tennis

Editorial: We must find ways of developing the human capital of all our citizens, whoever they are and wherever they come from

Sunday 12 September 2021 21:30

The stunning victory of Emma Raducanu in the US Open carries a message that goes far beyond tennis.

Seen from a UK perspective it is one of a true Global Britain, one in which talent is welcomed and developed, where immigrants can thrive, and where character can be rewarded – a reality that is much more than a slogan concocted by our politicians. Seen from a global perspective the message is that two young women, both from ethnically diverse backgrounds, neither born with great privilege, can show the world that the qualities that brought them together at this epic final in the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City are a beacon of hope for us all.

Some parts of Emma Raducanu’s story have been universally reported. She was born in Toronto, Canada, 18 years ago. Her father was originally from Bucharest, Romania, and her mother from Shenyang in China. She was brought to Britain when she was two years old, started playing tennis aged five, and went to a grammar school in Bromley, Kent, where she and her family live.

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