Environmentally responsible consumer choices are about to wildly transform the world’s largest industries

The way we engage with society is changing. These are the next areas of economic activity that could be unrecognisable in the coming years

Hamish McRae
Tuesday 08 October 2019 13:08 BST
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Climate strike protests in London

Something big is going on.

Ignore, if you can, the protests by Extinction Rebellion. Push aside the hypocrisy of actors who fly first class across the Atlantic to protest about carbon emissions. Forget about the billionaires who preach sustainability but are quite happy to keep their yachts. Focus instead on the way in which the great mass of ordinary people are gradually changing their habits in response to rising concerns about the environment.

We are all changing in little ways. We are trying to walk a bit more, rather than take the car or even a bus. Pushed by the government, we bring our own bags to the supermarket rather than pay for a plastic one. Some of us have started to try to take the train to the Continent rather than fly. And fewer of us are buying diesel cars.

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