I wish more men would talk about their sex life like Joe Jonas

Jonas went through exactly what many men who lose their virginity go through - it’s relatable, and rather comforting

Anna Rhodes
Monday 17 October 2016 16:58 BST
Nick Jonas with his then girlfriend Ashley Greene in 2010
Nick Jonas with his then girlfriend Ashley Greene in 2010 (Getty)

Joe Jonas has come under fire for discussing how he lost his virginity, aged 20, to his then girlfriend Ashley Greene.

Jonas chose to divulge this information on Reddit, with 542 million monthly visitors - so it wasn’t as if he was having a nice chat with his pals over a beer in the pub about “the most special day of his life.”

But Jonas has come under criticism for dishing the dirt, particularly because during his teen years he was an advocate of celibacy - even going so far as to wear a chastity ring. Oh, how times have changed.

However, it is fantastic that Jonas has been so open about his experience - considering that it is something we all go through. Why should we be so suppressed about discussing virginity and our “first times” when we happily repeat explicit phrases in songs, magazines are chock-a-block with kiss and tell stories and we all love a good bit of salacious gossip?

It’s not as if he’s encouraging his teenage fans to go out and go for it - just because he used to be an advocate of celibacy, this does not mean he has to stick with it for life. The idealism of a 15 year old is very different to that of a grown man who has had the time and life experience to decide his own faith and morality.

We are permanently glued to celebrity sex scandals - the internet is abuzz with them, and it’s something that readers are actively clicking on. So why, after seeking out such stories, are we now having a go at Jonas for sharing a story that is devoid of scandal? Joe Jonas shared a real story - one not bogged down by overt scandalised sexuality.

It may not be as juicy or as entertaining as readers might wish - but that’s why it’s so good. Because it showed that Jonas went through exactly what many men who lose their virginity go through - it’s relatable, and rather comforting, especially to those who are yet to lose their virginity and are worried that it’s going to be a total cock up (ahem).

What’s important about Jonas’ story was his determination to use protection. He detailed how he turned to his drummer for help, and after a thorough search, the guy’s room looked like it had been ransacked. That, my friends, is determination - and a determination that many men would do well to imitate.

In the day and age where STIs are on the rise, particularly for 18-24 year olds - should we not be celebrating this young man carrying out his first sexual experience in a safe manner? God, the amount of sex education we receive in this country - it’s any wonder many know what a condom is, let alone how to use it and why it’s important. Let’s not denigrate this man for detailing how he intended on using precaution, and was going to do it “right”.

One hopes that, out of common decency, Joe Jonas did in fact discuss his divulgence with Ashley Greene prior to going on Reddit - however, let’s not jump on the bandwagon and start having a pop at him. He has a right to share his experiences and put them out there in the world if he so chooses, and wants to use them to educate others.

Anyway, I would much rather hear him discuss that than his latest single to be honest, so I shan’t complain.

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