The Barack Obama 'Smug Face' Quiz: What do you really think about the US elections?


Friday 02 November 2012 11:25
Barack Obama, local campaign office, Orlando, October 28th 2012
Barack Obama, local campaign office, Orlando, October 28th 2012

This picture is the Rorschach test of US election images. By staring deeply into it and then reporting your impression, without self-censorship, you can tell what you really think about the elections and who will ultimately win next Tuesday.

The picture was taken on the campaign trail last Sunday. There's a story behind it, but first - your reaction to the picture. Take another look. In your opinion does the President look:

a) smug?

b) exhausted?

c) stoned?

d) dejected?

e) wise?

f) none of the above (please suggest alternatives in the comments below)?

Now for the truth: President Obama had apparently dialed the wrong number while making calls in a local campaign field office in Orlando, Florida. This picture captures his reaction.

Answers: a) You are a Republican voter sensing defeat on the horizon. You hate poor people. b) You are an over-empathising wishy-washy liberal. You had muesli for breakfast. c) You are stoned d) You've had a really bad week, and suspect the weekend will be even worse e) You have absentee father issues

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