Letter: National Lottery can benefit public parks

From Ms Susan Lasdun
Sunday 23 October 2011 02:36

Sir: The National Memorial Heritage Fund has issued its draft proposals for applicants for National Lottery money. It is clear that public parks whose 'layouts' are historic will be eligible to submit projects to restore these.

However, it is equally clear that money for increased maintenance, which such restorations are likely to generate, must be found elsewhere.

Since many local authorities have had to uproot their Victorian heritage of shrubberies and flowerbeds in favour of gang-mowed grass as the cheapest form of maintenance, one can only wonder where these currently cash- strapped authorities will find sufficient funds to maintain such historic restoration.

In view of this, could not a grant from the National Lottery embody both capital investment and maintenance - at least for those local authorities that are unable to find the money themselves? Lottery money would then be of real benefit to our public parks - particularly the most disadvantaged.

Yours sincerely, SUSAN LASDUN London, W6 24 October

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