Boris Johnson, take a leaf from Trump’s book and be bold – Jeremy Hunt’s true views on Brexit must be challenged

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Sunday 23 June 2019 14:38
Conservative leadership hustings: Jeremy Hunt insists he is a 'Democrat that wants to deliver Brexit'

I urge Boris Johnson to hole our phony Brexiteer Jeremy Hunt’s ship beneath the waterline, by asking him how a man who only a few months ago stated that the EU resembled the Soviet Union (in that it was a giant prison camp), could have voted Remain in 2016.

By definition, Hunt was back then giving a thumbs up to his fellow Brits being imprisoned for generations to come.

If this is put to Hunt immediately, he will be exposed as a fraud who no longer believes in Brexit than Theresa May did.

And one other thing, Johnson, courage, mon brave. Be bold like Donald Trump would be. Do not be on the defensive against a Judas Iscariot of a neighbour, but adopt that tweet that Carrie Symonds liked: “Dear Carrie Symonds – please just carry on. We must have entertainment at No 10. Three years of boredom is quite enough.”

Dai Woosnam

Boris, your jokes won’t wash in No 10

I just watched Boris Johnson at the hustings. All the errs, umms, endless repetition and silly jokes mean he spent less time actually answering the questions than Jeremy Hunt did. It’s a good strategy when you haven’t a clue and have nothing meaningful to say. It might work in front of a room full of Conservatives, but it didn’t work for Johnson as foreign secretary and it certainly won’t wash as PM.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean he won’t win.

John Simpson
Ross on Wye

Windrush in verse

Windrush memorial?

Why not two?

Windrush Square

and Waterloo?

Guy Shirra
Sai Kung

Loneliness awareness

My mother was a very sociable and friendly woman. In the 1980s and 1990s, she used to commute to and from her job via the Washington DC Metro system and would always say hello to her seatmate and those near her. She would break the ice much the way you did back then – a compliment on a dress or a necktie – and often people would respond and have a conversation.

There was a deaf man she would sometimes see and because my uncle was deaf she knew sign language and would converse with him too.

One day, she overheard a woman in a nearby seat say “you see that lady? She talks to everybody, she even talks to the deaf man.”

If you had spoken to my mother on your train you would have had a great conversation and great company. Keep up your outreach, Olivia Petter, maybe it will catch on.

Matthew Gray
Address supplied

Independent Minds Events: get involved in the news agenda

No beds in hospitals

I have been waiting for urgent surgery since last November so the problems highlighted in Alex Matthews-King’s piece (NHS hospitals forced to use emergency beds all year round to cope with demand, BMA warns) are very real for me.

I wait patiently but my daughter’s experience this week has been awful. She has needed a bed in a mental health facility but there were none in the country.

She was given a bed from Sunday evening to Friday night in a medical assessment unit attached to the A&E department of a large general hospital. No help but containment! How appalling is that?

Martin Cross
Address supplied

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