Boris Johnson needs to learn a lesson in humility from Keir Starmer

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Wednesday 24 February 2021 00:39
<p>Boris Johnson talking about the lockdown ‘roadmap’</p>

Boris Johnson talking about the lockdown ‘roadmap’

The need for consensual politics was clear a year ago; in times of existential crisis, the nation needs to be led by political parties that work together and learn from and with each other. Keir Starmer knew this and, during his tenure, has been prepared to support the government where it made sense to do so, offer suggestions where necessary and call the government to account for its, not inconsiderable, failings.

The lockdown-easing plan was supported by the leader of the opposition after which he made three sensible suggestions that aimed to complement what had gone before. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, the prime minister – Boris Johnson – was unable to be generous in his response and take on board what was being offered by way of support. Instead, he had to revert to type and try to score cheap political points in the adversarial bear pit. In so doing, he revealed that he is incapable of acting in a considered, respectful and measured way for very long and will always revert to type.

The nation has learnt to be patient, cautious and compliant; late in the day, the prime minister appears to have learnt to understand what it takes to plan strategically but he has not learnt how to listen and learn from others and model compassion, humility, contrition and empathy. Until he does, we are destined to be led in ways that continue to be inappropriate for the times in which we live.

Graham Powell


Needless self-interest

Sophie Gallagher's article enraged me ('I get invited to at least one a week’: The people still breaking lockdown to party). These people, attending parties, are immoral in the extreme. They're causing so much harm to society and they clearly do not care.

I find it incomprehensible how someone can be so utterly selfish, so completely self-interested. The narcissism is extraordinary. I want a lot of things.

The vast majority of people have compromised greatly for the greater good. They have stayed at home to save lives. People who go and party regardless of the consequences shame themselves.

Sebastian Monblat


In agreement

I rarely agree with Donald Trump, but I have come to think there may be some truth in his saying that he is subject to a witch hunt. Is there any other explanation than witchcraft for the fact that so many otherwise reasonable people support him?

Robert Gould


So, Donald Trump plans to run in 2024. Last 24 February he stated: ”The coronavirus is very much under control in the USA.”

Mike Bor


Passport question

Once we've all been offered vaccinations, I would like those who support pub passports to explain why those who can't or won't get vaccinated are harming those who can and do.

Pub passports are the thin end of a very Big Brothery wedge.

Barry Tighe

Address supplied

Difficult logic

Am I alone in not understanding the logic of being able to see my grandchildren once they return to school and are mixing with classmates, yet while they have been at home not mixing with others I have not been permitted to see them or spend anytime with them, indoors or outdoors.

Neither they nor I have been mixing with others for weeks but contact has been and continues to be denied until after they return to school. It doesn’t seem to make any sense, but perhaps I would be surprised if it did.

Patricia White

Milton Keynes

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