David Davis’s Brexit performance has been somewhat lacking

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Monday 11 December 2017 14:20
David Davis's comments have been confusing readers
David Davis's comments have been confusing readers

David Davis states that the Brexit deal is merely a “statement of intent” and is not legally enforceable. On being slapped down he says his comments had been misinterpreted. Is that being disingenuous? Or is that a blatant lie?

He has also said that the UK will renege on the agreed payment if it does not get a trade deal.

Previously he said the Brexit papers had “excruciating detail”. Where is it?

I am confused. Is Barnier delighted to have Davis representing the UK as he knows he will always be able to run rings round him?

John Harvey

After another few days of the now regular David Davis contradictions and confusion I thought I would share a quote that could have been written for him: “Which distractions do not only unman men, but they run them upon desperate ventures, to obtain they know not what.” John Bunyan

Robert Boston

Automation should be feared

There are times when we read announcements in the press from our so-called leaders or would be leaders that I find not only plain daft but at the same time frightening, to think that such ideas could even cross their minds.

The most recent was the comment from the deputy leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson. On the subject of robots and androids he claims that “automation is not to be feared and we should invest in robots and embrace an android which can boost our economy”.

There was no mention of the 10 million jobs they might replace. He claims they can do the “boring jobs” but has it not crossed his mind that many people in this country for whatever reasons are only able to do those type of jobs and rely on the income from them to survive.

Many could probably stay at home and be kept by the state but they prefer to be independent.

Joan McTigue

Can we predict the economic outcome of Brexit?

According to David Davis and your correspondent David Hill, economists on the whole are incapable of predicting future economic impacts accurately. Which leads one to wonder why David Davis and other Brexiteers want to leave the EU when they admit (or Davis does at least) that they have no idea what the economic impact will be. Is it a question of: “Hey, let’s just see what happens?”

Ian Robertson
Milton Keynes

Your correspondent David Hill wants to know who we can trust to predict the post-Brexit economic situation for the UK.

Vince Cable was the only prominent politician and economist to predict the 2008 crash. He may not attract the attention of the Brexit thirsty right-wing press in the way that others do but we should listen to what he has to say.

I fear, however, that once again he will be ignored.

Joe Hennessy

An environmental tip

With reference to the timely letter from Elizabeth Hall can I share the joyous news that the “Loved by Us” cotton buds sold by the Co-op have paper stems and are completely compostable.

Geraldine Hale

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