For the sake of justice, Anne Sacoolas should do the decent thing and return to the UK

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Monday 14 October 2019 18:41 BST
Tim Dunn and Charlotte Charles, parents of Harry Dunn, leave the Foreign and Commonwealth office in London
Tim Dunn and Charlotte Charles, parents of Harry Dunn, leave the Foreign and Commonwealth office in London (Reuters)

I am becoming increasingly saddened and incensed by Anne Sacoolas’s stance since the death of teenager Harry Dunn. This lady seems almost “removed” from the situation, given her statements, as though she is just a bystander passing on condolences to a family she has absolutely no connection with.

I appreciate she will be being advised what to say/what not to say, but the way she is behaving is leading to an air of over-importance on her part, almost verging on her having celebrity status right now.

This is so wrong – she should not be making this tragedy worse for Harry’s parents.

She should simply keep quiet and return to the UK quietly, as anyone else in her situation would have to do.

Yours sincerely,

Judi Martin

Glaring emissions

With its emphasis on prioritising trade outside the EU, Brexit spells disaster for the planet. Air transport and maritime shipping are major contributors to greenhouse gases. Transporting goods across the globe instead of to and from our nearest neighbours will make UK climate change targets impossible to achieve.

Richard Greenwood


It is difficult to ascertain whether our politicians are completely out of touch with reality, deeply incompetent or openly corrupt. How can you impose the requirement for photo identity for voting in a country where such identification is not compulsory?

Matt Minshall

Locked out

The government’s proposed Voter ID bill cannot be allowed to become law. My 72-year-old wife doesn’t drive and has no need of a passport. She has no photo identification, like thousands of others.

Will they never learn?

John Ivory

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Mallets at dawn

Your brief article on the popularity of croquet in Vietnam caught my eye, but are you sure that it is in fact croquet and not its upstart cousin, gate-ball?

The latter game was invented in Japan in the 1940s, which is where I first encountered it while living in Osaka. While it has some similarities to the original, it lacks the central pin and is time limited. It is increasingly popular in countries around the Pacific Rim (the last world championship was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2018). I fear your correspondent has been croqueted into the shrubbery!

Robin J Bulow

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