Thousands of university colleagues support LGBT+ rights – we won’t turn our backs now

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Wednesday 19 June 2019 11:14 BST

As academics and other colleagues working in higher education, we are writing to register our support for policies and practices which are inclusive and supportive of our trans colleagues and students.

Criticism and critique of policies and programmes that promote inclusiveness, such as Stonewall Diversity Champions, are not in and of themselves unwelcome. Such things are products of dialogue and discussion, and they evolve over the course of this dialogue. However, the primary concern must be with the wellbeing of the people subject to those policies.

The vulnerability of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially young people and those who are transgender or gender-diverse, is well documented. As educators, we have a duty of care to our students and colleagues.

Respect for their gender identity and/or sexuality is an integral aspect of that duty of care.

It is inconceivable that this duty should be considered antithetical to “academic freedom”. Rather, ignoring or denying it precludes our fellow academics and colleagues – be they undergraduate students, postgraduate candidates, early career researchers, lecturers, professional-services staff or innumerable others – from experiencing a secure and supportive environment safely to pursue their own freedom.

We support the rights of colleagues to free speech, and safe debate, but until all LGBTQIA+ people can live, work and learn in our universities without fear or intimidation, it is vital that we stand up and say that we support the rights of trans and other gender-diverse people to be who they are.

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Dr Caroline Dodds Pennock, University of Sheffield

Dr. Bodie A. Ashton, University of Passau

Dr Amy Fuller, Nottingham Trent University

Dr Matthew Mesley, University of the West of England

Dr Andy Kesson, University of Roehampton

Dr Sara Barker, University of Leeds

Dr Matt Lodder, University of Essex

Dr Mark Williams, Cardiff University

Leshu Torchin, University of St Andrews

Dr John Gallagher, University of Leeds

Dr Ann-Marie Foster, Queen’s University Belfast

Rhiannon Grant, University of Birmingham

Joan Passey, University of Bristol

Lucinda Matthews-Jones, LJMU

Kirsty Rolfe, University of Sussex

Dr. Kira Jones, Emory University

Dr Cathryn Townsend, Rutgers

Katherine Jones, University of Birmingham

Sunny Harrison, University of Leeds

Kat Sinclair, University of Sussex

Melissa Gustin, York

Dr Alex Lee, UCL

Rebecca Macklin, University of Leeds

Adam Stock, York St John University

Nailya Shamgunova, University of Cambridge

Dr Jess Gifkins University of Manchester

Martha Robinson Rhodes, Postgraduate Teaching Assistant, University of Birmingham

Dr Jessica Hindes, Birkbeck College

Jennifer Davey, University of East Anglia

Rachel Moss, University of Northampton

Dr Robin Whelan, University of Liverpool

Dr Caroline Gonda, St Catharine's College, Cambridge

Dr Catherine Baker, University of Hull

Claire Cunnington, University of Sheffield

Edmund Coleman-Fountain, Northumbria University

Des Small, (formerly University of Bristol)

Dr Emilie Oléron Evans, Queen Mary University of London

Vanessa Heggie, University of Birmingham, UK

Dr Alexia Moncrieff, University of Leeds

Kelly-Jo Bluen, London School of Economics

Timothy C. Baker, University of Aberdeen

Gillian Knoll, Western Kentucky University

Toni Haastrup, Kent

Dr Alice Marples, University of Oxford

Dr Richard Bell, Keble College, Oxford

Penny Andrews, University of Sheffield

Hanna Smyth, University of Oxford

David Andress, University of Portsmouth

Gabor Gelleri, Aberystwyth University

Evan Smith, Flinders University

Dr. Amelia Morris, Royal Holloway

Jessica Langston, University of Warwick

Kate Stanton, Emory University

James Sumner, University of Manchester

Dr. Clare Connors UEA

Jessica Gagnon, University of Portsmouth

Dr Izzy Jayasinghe, University of Leeds

Dr Emma Kennedy, Queen Mary, University of London

Laura Sangha, University of Exeter

Lis Gernerd, University of Edinburgh

Mary Cosgrove, NUI Galway

Cassie Ulph, Bishop Grosseteste University

Anna Maguire, King's College London

Charlotte Slark, QMUL

Manuel Barcia. University of Leeds

Dr Helena Bonett, Royal College of Art

Katherine Angel, Birkbeck College

Dr. Joanne Edge, University of Manchester

Fran Amery, University of Bath

Eleanor Dumbill, Loughborough University

Matthew Symonds, UCL

Debbie White (PhD candidate currently on medical leave), University of Glasgow

Dr Amanda Dillon, University of East Anglia

Esther Osorio Whewell, University of Cambridge

Dr Rebecca Wragg Sykes, Université de Bordeaux

Adrian Liston, Babraham Institute

Heather Mew, Newcastle University

S. Qureshi, University of Birmingham

Niko Bushell, James Madison University

Dr Caroline Magennis, University of Salford

Dr Katie Palmer Heathman, Durham University

Rachael Nicholas – University of Roehampton

Declan Gilmore-Kavanagh, University of Kent

Esther De Dauw, University of Leicester

Ingrid Young, University of Edinburgh

Natasha Simonova, University of Oxford

Michael Primrose, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Dr Anna Bramwell-Dicks, University of York

Janet Weston, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Siobhan Hearne, Durham University

David Nettleingham, University of Kent

Sarah Pyke, doctoral student, Roehampton University

Grace Redhead, UCL

Dr Gavin Maclean, Edinburgh Napier University

China Mills, Senior Lecturer in Public Health at City, University of London

Victoria Clarke, University of Leeds

Eleanor Wilkinson, University of Southampton

Sumita Mukherjee, University of Bristol

Laia Becares, University of Sussex

James McIntosh, University of Cambridge

Dr Dawn Fletcher, University of Sheffield

Tulta Behm, The University of Edinburgh

Claire Millington, KCL

Dr Roisin Read, University of Manchester

Victoria Elliott, University of Oxford

Claudia Treacher, PhD Student at University of Brighton

Elizabeth Barnes, University of Reading

Emili Stevenson, UCL (SSEES), University of Oxford

Dr John Heron, King's College London

Dr. Jaimie Johansson, University of East Anglia

Dr Chris Kempshall, University of Sussex

Dr Clare Stainthorp, University College London

Nathan Oseroff-Spicer, King’s College London

Dr Laura Campbell, Durham University

Samuel Johnson Schlee, London South Bank University

Jack Sargeant, UCL

Maddie Spink, Goldsmiths University of London

Elise Smith, University of Warwick

Dr Megan Hunt, University of Edinburgh

Dr Francine Morris University of Salford

Dr. Liz Gloyn, Royal Holloway, University of London

Aran Ward Sell, University of Edinburgh

Dr Clare Cunningham, York St John University

Christienna Fryar, University of Liverpool

Dr Karen Cuthbert, University of Leeds

Dr Anna Field, King's College London

Dr Katharine A. M. Wright, Newcastle University

Sara Ryan University of Oxford

Dr Mark Berry, Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr. Rafael Torrubia, University of St. Andrews

Jordan Windholz

Dr Tom Scriven, University of Manchester

Emily Stevenson, University of Liverpool

Dr Emma Vickers, LJMU

Dr. Chris Brand, University of Leicester

Will Tosh, Shakespeare's Globe

Women's Health Research Institute (WHRI)

John Farley, Nassau Community College

Dr Helen Rogers, Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Andreas Papamichail, King's College London

Gareth Burgess, University of Cambridge

Ántonia Peigahi. California State University, Sacramento

Dr Kameryn J Williams, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Sebastian Larsson, King’s College London

Dr Chiara Beccalossi, University of Lincoln

Professor Sally Hines, Leeds

Janice McLaughlin, Newcastle University

Noah Smith, University of Kent

Dr Emma Sheppard, City, University of London

Dr Laura Wood, independent scholar

Emile Bojesen, University of Winchester

Benjamin Jackson, Queen Mary, University of London

Agnes Arnold-Forster, University of Roehampton

Heather Roberts, Royal Northern College of Music

Richard Lane, University of Sussex

Kit Schuster, University of Freiburg

Wai Ming Loh, Plymouth University

Miriam Miller, University of Sheffield

James O'Keeffe, University of York

Dr Sally Holloway, Oxford Brookes University

Matthew Grant, University of Essex

Simone Webb, University College London and King's College London

Marlene Simoes, University of Aberdeen

Ms Michelle K Jamieson, University of Glasgow

Dr Alice Cree, Newcastle University

Evan Hayles Gledhill, University of Reading

Thomas Witty, Northeastern University

Dr Luke Seaber, University College London

Beth Montague-Hellen, University of Nottingham

Joshua Moufawad-Paul, York University

Miranda Iossifidis, Newcastle University

Kevin Zollman, Carnegie Mellon University

Eva Johanna Holmberg, University of Helsinki/QMUL

Jane Dinwoodie, Cambridge University

Clare McCluskey Dean, York St John University

Kate Imy, UNT

Dr Catherine Lester, University of Birmingham

Dr Joanna Cohen, Queen Mary University of London

Leander Reeves, Oxford Brookes University

Mercedes Durham, Cardiff University

Dr. Heinrich C. Kuhn, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich

Rebecca Linnett, University of Leicester

Richard Bellis, University of Leeds

Dr Simon Chin-Yee, King's College London

Bethan Ruddock, Jisc

Dr Laura Chappell – University of Surrey

Dr Gabriel Moshenska, UCL

Anya Sini

Ruth Quinn, PhD Student, University of Hull

Prof Andrea Major, University of Leeds

William Tullett, Anglia Ruskin University

Lo Marshall, UCL

Dr Sarah Burton, City, University of London

Erin Hardee, University of Dundee

Logan A. Kirkland, New Anthropological Society

Chris Mowat, University of Sheffield

Josephine Sirotkin (she/her), University of Leeds

Talitha Kearey, Magdalen College, University of Oxford

B.K. Adams, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Debra Ferreday, Lancaster University

Dr Charlotte Lydia Riley, University of Southampton

Theresa Muir

Joshua Habgood-Coote, University of Bristol

Nicole Wyatt, University of Calgary

A C Baker, Ph.D. Cambridge

Sarah Walters-Williams, City, University of London

Simone Webb, UCL and KCL

Alastair Dawson, PGR, University of Southampton

Andrew Bowie Royal Holloway University of London

Dr. Ciarán McFadden, Edinburgh Napier University

David En-Griffiths, University of Leeds

Dr Lauren Ackerman, Newcastle University

Francesca Brooks, UCL

Akwugo Emejulu, University of Warwick

Dr Liam Berriman, University of Sussex

Dr. Lisa Kalayji, University of Edinburgh

Catherine Oliver, University of Birmingham

Katie Faulkner – Courtauld Institute of Art

Dr Rebecca Davnall, Philosophy, University of Liverpool

Dr Amber Regis, University of Sheffield

Benjamin Farrand, Newcastle University Law School

Laura Mauro, Royal College of Pathologists

Joanne Begiato, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Amy Rushton, Nottingham Trent University

Sarah Johanesen, KCL

Dr Cath Feely, University of Derby

Heejung Chung, University of Kent

Erin Maglaque, Sheffield

Rob Tetley, UCL

Kristine Hunt, Idaho State University

Edward Kiely, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

David Obermayer Fort Hays State University

Aidan Norrie, University of Warwick

Dr. William A. Booth, University of Oxford

Louise Benson James, University of Bristol

Sarah Gandee, University of Leeds

Rosie Hodsdon, Northumbria University

Rachel Hindmarsh, University of Oxford

Catherine Fletcher, Swansea University

Franziska Schmidt, UCL

Kristi Hickle, University of Sussex

Erin Walters-Williams, Royal Holloway 2016-2018; LSE 2014-2016; Cambridge 2010-2014

Dr Rosie Knight, University of Sheffield

Jane Charlesworth, Warwick University

Professor Helen Smith, University of York

Dr Anders Ingram, Oxford University

Rebecca Jones, Imperial College

Claire Edwards, University of Surrey

Liesbeth Corens, Queen Mary, University of London

Dr Sarah Kennedy, University of Cambridge

Dr Andrew Walley, St George's University of London

Dr Maarten Steenhagen, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge

Bronwyn Bjorkman, Queen's University (Kingston)

Dr Stephen Watkins, University of Derby

Edith Kuiper, SUNY New Paltz

Sian, University of Manchester

Hannah Murray, King’s College London

Isabella Streffen, University of Lincoln

Dr Ruth Pearce, University of Leeds

Muralee Navaratnam, ESIEE

Mx David R Jones, The University of Sheffield

Diarmaid Kelliher, University of Glasgow

Jess Hoare Cardiff University

Amy Page, Courtauld Institute of Art – University of London

Josef Fruehwald, University of Edinburgh

University of Reading LGBT+ Society

Dr Lisa Tilley, Birkbeck, University of London

Emily Hofstetter Linköping University

Kate Bradley, University of Kent

Dr Jamieson Christie, Loughborough University

Betsy Sneller, Georgetown University

Eva Zehentner, University of York

Dr. Rutger Kramer, Institute for History, University of Vienna

George Roberts, University of Cambridge

Ellen Reid, University of Limerick, Ireland.

Kelly Watson, Avila University

Dr. Alison Garden, Queen's University Belfast

Alix Mortimer, professional services, King's College London

A.G. Holdier, The University of Arkansas

Zoe Mildon. University of Plymouth

Sam Marsh, University of Sheffield

Katie McGettigan, Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Alan-Miguel Valdez, The Open University

Dr Giasemi Vavoula, University of Leicester

Alex Mason, University of Sheffield

Charlotte Faucher, University of Manchester

Kristin Grogan, University of Cambridge

Rebecca Gibson, Lancaster University

Isabel Gotti, University of California San Diego

Dr Claire Martin, University of Leeds

Catherine Foley, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Siobhan Lynch University of St Andrews

Ellen Cole, Northumbria University

Dr Laura Kelly, University of Strathclyde

Dr Aurelien Mondon, University of Bath

Kit Fryatt, Dublin City University

Dr Emer McHugh, NUI Galway/University College Dublin

Lauren Elmore, University of Warwick

Hannah Nguyen, Southern Crescent Technical College

Jen Gallagher, University of Oxford

Brian M. Watson. Kinsey Institute Library and Special Collection. Division 44 CNM Taskforce American Psychological Association. Indiana University Bloomington

Alice Murphy, University of Leeds

Hayley G. Toth, University of Leeds

Deborah Toner, University of Leicester

Leo Bowman, University of Reading

Stephen Henthorn, University of Sheffield

Gwilym Jones, University of Westminster

Andrew Dwyer, University of Oxford

Rebekah Wegener, Salzburg University

Alnica Visser, University of Pittsburgh

Dr Robin Jervis, University of Brighton

Margaret O’Sullivan

Katy Mortimer, Royal Holloway, University of London

Robert O’Sullivan, University College Cork

Theresa Davis previous staff and Unison Rep, University of Northampton

Charlotte Geater, University of Kent

Dr Eleanor Jones, University of Southampton

Johanna Rodehau-Noack, London School of Economics and Political Science

Dr Rebecca Bowler, Keele University

Jenny Rollin, University of Sheffield

Sarah Mass, Columbia University

Daniel Frost, University of Reading

Robin Sen, University of Sheffield

Rebecca Harrison, University of Glasgow

Dr Jana Funke, University of Exeter

Iona Cerasella Chis, University of Birmingham

Emma Manning, Georgetown University

Joanna Baines, University of Kent

Emily Harford – UKAEA lgbt staff network founder

Natacha Kennedy Goldsmiths College & UCL

Jake Barrett-Mills – University of East Anglia

Jana Bacevic, University of Cambridge

Laura King, University of Leeds

Veronica Heney, University of Exeter

Gina Maya Roberts

Sarah Mass, Columbia University

Dr Maeve O'Brien, Ulster University

Dr Hannah Young, Institute of Historical Research

Joseph Oldham, University of Hull

Alex Kendrick. University of Liverpool.

Christopher Lloyd, University of Hertfordshire

Vincent M. Gaine, Loughborough University

Dr Samuel McLean, Global Maritime History

Kirsten-Rose Brooks, formerly UWE Bristol

Caroline Haig, University of Glasgow

Dr Sarah Jones, University of Exeter

Debbie Moon, former p/t tutor, Aberystwyth University

Shannon Mullarkey, Arizona State University

Dr Eloise Moss, University of Manchester

Emily Vine QMUL

Ellie Miles, former University of Westminster

Dr Jess Cotton, UCL

Councillor Anwen Muston LGBTQ officer Wolverhampton South East

Sebastian Groh, UCL

Kevin Crosby, Newcastle University

Andy Channelle, University of the West of England (former)

Dr. Sara L. Uckelman, Durham University, Department of Philosophy

Calvin James Smith, University of Reading

Alix Green, University of Essex

Rebecca Shuker, University of Oxford

City, University of London, and the University of Leeds

Dr Mark A Newman, University of Strathclyde

Dr Evangeline Tsao, University of York

Michaela University of Vechta

Dr Aimée Fox, King’s College London

Alison Rees, LSE (formerly)

Alice Burn, University of Leeds

Mary Chadwick, University of Huddersfield

Hester Duffy, University of Warwick

Cleo Madeleine, UEA

Elizabeth Liddle, University of Nottingham

Mimi Goodall, University of Oxford

Dr Emma Beckett university of Warwick

Professor Stuart Jones, University of Manchester

Ian Dudley, University of Essex

Sharon Smith, South Dakota State University

Jennifer Saul, University of Sheffield

Caroline Smith, University of Essex

Professor Ross Balzaretti, University of Nottingham

Sasha Garwood, University of Sheffield

Dr Rachel Morley, UCL

K. Lewis, Keele

Charlotte Clements, London South Bank University

Paul Cooper, UEA

Dr Katharine Hubbard, University of Hull

Dr Samantha Walton Bath Spa University

Eleanor Blair, Dept of Engineering, Cambridge University

Lisa Stampnitzky, University of Sheffield

Sarah Taylor-Harman, University of Roehampton

Jessica Hammett, Birkbeck, University of London

Hannah Leach, University of Sheffield

Dr João Quinta da Fonseca, University of Manchester

Dr Laura McAtackney, Aarhus University

Catherine Bromhead, Trinity College Dublin

Sophie Bishop, King's College London

Emma Barney, University of Nottingham

Stephanie Bennett, Wake Forest University

Claudia Antolini, University of Edinburgh

Constance Crassier, University College London

Molly C Farrell, University of Glasgow

Christopher Jackson – Imperial College

Dr Kat Gupta, University of Roehampton

Sterling Hall, University of Oregon

Jessica Parr, Simmons University

Chris A. Williams, The Open University

Katrina Daly Thompson, UW-Madison

Dr Kate West, Oxford Brookes University

Sarah Mead Leonard, University of Delaware

Dr Rachel E. Johnson, Durham University

Dr. Sarah May, Swansea University

Callan Davies, University of Kent

Dr Juha Virtanen, University of Kent

Dr Joanna Barstow, University College London

Natalie James, University of Liverpool

Kiron Ward, University of Sussex

Sophie Duncan, University of Strathclyde

Frédérique, University of Cambridge

Emily Rowe, Newcastle University

Ed Armston-Sheret, Royal Holloway

Jordan Savage, University of Essex

Dr Penelope J. Goodman, University of Leeds

Dr. Meighan Boyd, Royal Holloway University of London

Sara Ahmed, independent Scholar

James Fishwick, Librarian, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Jess Meacham, University of Sheffield

Lauren Tuckerman Glasgow Caledonian University

Dr Terry Smyth, Department of History, University of Essex

Robert Witts, University of Sussex

Grace Remmington Teeling

Valour Horsley, University of Gloucestershire

Dr Sophie Duncan, University of Oxford

Dr Sophie Holmes-Elliott, University of Southampton

Melany Cruz – University of Birmingham

Matthew A. Hoffman, independent scholar

Emily M. Bender, University of Washington

Lauren Gascoigne, The University of Huddersfield

Ruth Scobie, University of Oxford

Zoe Pflaeger Young, De Montfort University

Vanita Sundaram, University of York

Pete Mella, The University of Sheffield

Michael Kitson, University of Cambridge

Danielle Schwertner, University of Glasgow

Ken McDonagh, Dublin City University

Claire Sedgwick DMU

Aura Lehtonen, University of Northampton

Adam Mosley, Swansea University

Kevin M. Kruse, Princeton University

Greg Clark UEA Alumni

Professor Carrie Paechter, Nottingham Trent University

Lauren, Imperial College

Siobhan Britton, University of the Arts London

Kathryn Boast, University of Oxford

Laleh Khalili, SOAS University of London

Ted McCormick, Concordia University

Dr Chris O’Rourke, University of Lincoln

Itay Lotem, University of Westminster

Katie Hunt, University of Southampton

Thekla Morgenroth, University of Exeter

Stephanie Merritt, Queen's University Belfast

Dr Fraser Raeburn, University of Edinburgh

Dr Aimee Eckert, University of Sussex

Dr Mary Macfarlane, Leeds Beckett University

Laura Harrison, UWE Bristol

Dr Peter Mitchell, University of Manchester

Prof. Emma Rees, University of Chester

Blaine Harper, University of Arizona

Christopher Berry, Northwestern University

Mairead Enright, University of Birmingham

DR Holly Ranger, School of Advanced Study

Dr Laura Mee, University of Hertfordshire

Dr Paul Gilbert, University of Sussex

Cat Morgan, University of Southampton

Dr Tish Marrable, University of Sussex

Ruth Gilbert, PhD candidate & Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Glasgow

Beth Kitson, University of Oxford

Dr Nicola Clark, University of Chichester

Dr Sophie Franklin, Durham University

Zoë Shacklock, University of St Andrews

Ellen Gordon, PhD student, University of Cambridge

Dr Rachel E. Holmes, University College London

Dr Michael Dallaston, Coventry University, UK

Alex Brett, Imperial College London

Waverly March, University of Oxford

Sam-Aaron Butler, University College London

Claire Birkenshaw Leeds Beckett University

Dr Marika Rose, University of Winchester

Ruth Ahnert, QMUL

Jodi Burkett, University of Portsmouth

Owen George Emmerson – University of Sussex

Polly Pallister-Wilkins, University of Amsterdam

Sabina Peck, University of Leeds

Dr Chris Rossdale, LSE

Alexandra Campbell, University of Edinburgh

Dr Caterina Sinibaldi, University of Warwick

John Morris, Warwick

Dominic Berry, LSE

Savannah Whaley, King's College London

Dr Oliver Duke-Williams, UCL

Harry Smith, University of Cambridge

Helen Oliver, University of Cambridge

Meriam Mabrouk, Independent

Dr Jan Dobbernack, Newcastle University

Piangfan Naksukpaiboon, Queen's University Belfast

Karen B. Graubart, University of Notre Dame

Prof. Stephen Serjeant, The Open University

Dr Katherine Foxhall, Historian

California State University, Chico

Dr Laura Newman, RHUL

Lesley Dougan Liverpool John Moores University

Gates Henderson, Victoria University of Wellington

Sandie Holguín, University of Oklahoma

Alix Aitken-Arbuckle, Edinburgh Napier University

Clare Clarke, Trinity College Dublin

Ben Wright, New Mexico State University

Prof Diane Watt, University of Surrey

Dominic Hale

Bee Stewart, University of Exeter

Dr Laura Stanley, University of Sheffield

Megan Cifarelli, Manhattanville College, NY

Dr Miranda Fay Thomas, Trinity College Dublin

Ronan O'Callaghan, University of Leicester

Shelby Judge, University of Glasgow

Dr James Kneale, UCL

Dr Ina Linge, University of Exeter

Dr Mark Joseph Walmsley, UEA

Catarina Fontoura, Falmouth University

Dr Christopher Kissane, London School of Economics & Political Science

Dr James Lea, University of Liverpool

Melissa Gustin, University of York

Laura Murphy, Edinburgh

Lucinda Holdsworth, University of Glasgow

Stanislava Dikova, University of Essex

Joshua Phillips, University of Glasgow

Dr Katherine Ebury, University of Sheffield

Dawn Stobbart, Lancaster University

Joanna McCunn, University of Bristol

Jocelyn English, University of Oxford

Sally Barnden, King's College London

Dr Alison Iredale, Leeds Beckett University

Dr Ronan O’Callaghan, University of Leicester

Jake Jackson, Temple University

Dr Jennifer Jones, Independent

Dr Andrea Werner, Middlesex University

Hope Bretscher, Cavendish, Univ. of Cambridge

Kit Power, The Open University

Thomas Howard, Newcastle University

Alison Phipps, Sussex University

Molly Heaton, Bangor University

Dr. Francisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto, University of Gothenburg

Daniel Kasper, University of Arizona

Graham KH Lee – University of Oxford

Peter Kirwan, University of Nottingham

Rathika Muthukumaran, University of Oxford

Kathryn Wymer, North Carolina Central University, USA

Samuel Carr, Cardiff University

Chris Wilson, Birkbeck, University of London

Alex Bamji, University of Leeds

Alison Phipps University of Glasgow

John Altmann, Independent Scholar

Colin Herd, University of Glasgow

Ayana Sakey, University College London

Ruth Mazo Karras, Trinity College Dublin

Sylvie Lomer University of Manchester

Dr. Amanda Payne, Haverford College

Laura Alston University of Sheffield

Tayla McCloud, UCL

Catherine Spirit, University of York

Dr Katherine Schofield, King's College London

Hannah Penn, SOAS

Dr Rebecca Tillett, University of East Anglia

Lauren Wells

Isobel Cameron, University of Warwick

Ewan Dunbar, Université de Paris – CNRS

Dr Aaron Winter, University of East London

Christopher Phillips, Aberystwyth University

Maurice J. Casey, University of Oxford

Zara Bain, University of Bristol

John Faithfull, University of Glasgow

Jonathan Dresner, Pittsburg State University (Kansas)

Dr Natasha Stephen, University of Plymouth

University of Southern California

Daniel Estrada, NJIT

Line Nyhagen, Loughborough University

Dr Laurence Totelin, Cardiff University

Dr Ben Fletcher-Watson, University of Edinburgh

Dr Louise Carter, University of Suffolk

Stuart Nattrass, Hull

Tom Smejka, University of Oxford

Dr Maddy Thompson, Newcastle University

Beth Richards, University of Plymouth

Lizzie Seal, University of Sussex

Dr Rob Byrne, University of Sussex

Paul Kirby, LSE

Dr Joanna Tidy, Department of Politics, University of Sheffield

Dr Andrea Brock, University of Sussex

Dr Rachel White, Newcastle University

Anna Judson, University of Cambridge

Melanie Simms, University of Glasgow

Dr Edward Edmondson, UCL

Robin Clarke, University of Leicester

Dr Amy Smith, University of Sheffield

Chris Meyns, Associate, Queens' College, Cambridge

Catherine Butler, Cardiff University

Sarah Seaton, University of Leicester

Alison Baker, University of East London

Andrew Klein, St. Thomas University, Canada

Dr Leon Betsworth, London South Bank University

Dr Ben Vincent, Open University

Dr Brodie Waddell, Birkbeck, University of London

Craig Laing, University of Edinburgh

Natalia Cecire, University of Sussex

Lydia Cooper, Creighton University

Frances Marsh, University of Cambridge

Lucie Glasheen, QMUL

Chris Colvin, Queen's University Belfast

Kyra Piperides Jaques, University of York

Bryony White, King's College London

Ceylan Begüm Yıldız, School of Law, Birkbeck College

Dr Melanie Ramdarshan Bold, UCL

Martin Zeller-Jacques, Queen Margaret University

Emma Butcher, University of Leicester

Robyn Long, Previously at Goldsmiths and Sussex

Thomas Swann, Loughborough University

Melody Dickens Bradford College

Dr Michael O’Neill, University of Hull

Annie Kelly, UEA

Emma Nagouse, University of Sheffield

Dr Charlotte Galpin, University of Birmingham

Matilda Fitzmaurice, Durham University

Marie Hutton, University of Sussex

Martina Astrid Rodda, University of Oxford

Benjamin Hanckel, King's College London

Benjamin Westwood, University of Oxford

Dr Deirdre Duffy, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Simon Huxtable, Goldsmiths College

Dr. Sharon E. Kelly, University of Pittsburgh

Kristen Carella, Assumption College

Stephanie Collins, University of Leicester

Dr Heather Johnson, Queen’s University Belfast

Samuel Grinsell, University of Edinburgh

Dr Jason Davies, UCL

Liam Bright

Natasha Cowley, University of Sheffield

Kate Oliver, UCL

Emma Crowley University of Bristol

Kate Perris, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

James Michael Yeoman, The University of Sheffield

Alex Grafen, UCL

Chiara Addis, University of Salford

Jane Draycott, University of Glasgow

Dr Sam Gilbert, UCL

Liz McDonnell

Dr Jenny Woodley Nottingham Trent University

Leah Phillips Warwick University

Carmel Howe – Imperial College London

Amanda Ptolomey University of Glasgow

Onni Gust, Nottingham

Prof. Polly Low, Durham University

Benjamin Thomas White, University of Glasgow

Aviah Day Durham

Anna Mullen – University of East Anglia

Gwyneth Lonergan, Lancaster University

Stephen Rooney, University of Leicester

Cam Field, Birmingham City University

Caroline Ball, University of Derby

Jack Gain, Queen Mary University of London

Chris Parkes, King's College London

Aylwyn Walsh, University of Leeds

Anna Bewick, UCL

Prof. Eleonora Belfiore, Loughborough University

Erica Hall University of Dundee

Jonathan Lawrence, University of Oxford

Abby Barras University of Brighton

Dr Matthew McDowell, University of Edinburgh

Sofie Lewis, former PhD student University of Manchester

Dr Eley Williams FRSL – Royal Holloway, University of London

Josh Allen, University of Warwick

Lexi Turner – Cornell University, formerly King's College London and Goldsmiths

Kilian Evang, University of Düsseldorf

Claire Launchbury, Leeds

Josh Esaw University of Roehampton

Sonia Zakrzewski, University of Southampton

Meghann Bath Spa University

Dr. Catherine Anderson, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Phoebe Patey-Ferguson – Goldsmiths, University of London

Katherine Roscoe, University of Liverpool

Prof Anson Mackay, UCL

Dr Laurel Brehm, MPI for Psycholinguistics

Christopher Tedd, Durham University

Tim Clarke, University of Ottawa

Dr. Peter McKeown, National University of Ireland Galway

Natalia Mole, The University of Sheffield

Dr. Jade Shepherd, University of Lincoln

Tracy Epton University of Manchester

Roxanna Campbell – Purdue University Northwest (Formerly North Central)

Charlotte Fletcher, University of Southampton

Eva Murzyn, University of Edinburgh

Mathew Parkin, Glasgow School of Art

Kevin Sanders, University of West London

Jo Laycock, University of Manchester

Eugenia Zuroski, McMaster University

Laura Hull, University College London

Dr Ben Colliver, Birmingham City University

Vernon W. Cisney, Gettysburg College

Will Pooley, University of Bristol

Rachel Wood, University of Chester

Julie, QMUL

Pippa Gardner, Unaffiliated

Vincent Trott, the Open University

Tim Kelly, University of Dundee

Dr Esther Mondragon, City, University of London

Jessica Gray, University of Kent

Nicole Kipar, University of Glasgow

Mollie Clarke, University of Roehampton

Tom Cook; English Faculty Library, Oxford

Julio Decker, University of Bristol

Calum Cockburn, UCL

Lucy Eckersley, RVC

Ashley Barr, University of Sussex

Dr Clementine Hill O'Connor, Glasgow Caledonian University

Robbie Bain, Soas, University of London

Dr Tray Yeadon-Lee, University of Huddersfield

Sam Lindsay (formerly of University of Oxford)

Joe Parslow, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Thomas Waterton, Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL)

Emily M. Espelage, Tacoma Community College

Andy Davies, University of Liverpool

Ben Moore, University of Amsterdam

Grant Buttars, University of Edinburgh

Bee Hughes, Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Helen Williams, Northumbria University

Lindsay Middleton, University of Glasgow

Dr Gabriel Bodard, University of London

Ian Gent, University of St Andrews

Dr Fern Riddell

Emmie Rose Price-Goodfellow, University of York

Jesse Goldberg, Longwood University

Sarah Campbell, Newcastle University

Jonathan Hay, University of Chester

Dr Emma Brown, University of Bradford

Sarah Toledo CRIC

Professor Jan Selby, University of Sussex

Emily Hooke, University of Southampton

Dr Ruth Adams, King’s College London

Dr Red Chidgey, King's College London

Dr David Chandran King's College London

Oisín Wall, University College Dublin

Helen Victoria Murray, University of Surrey

Catherine Fitzpatrick, Rutgers University

Rachael Baylis, University of Birmingham

Dustin Friedman, American University, USA

Zachary Reitz, UC Santa Barbara

Chris Armstrong, University of Hull

James Brown, University of Sheffield

Lee Large, University of Durham

Luke Armitage, Durham University

Claire Aubin, University of Edinburgh

Catharine Cross, University of St Andrews

Miranda Alksnis, university of Wisconsin-madison

Sam Rose, University of St Andrews

Professor Alex Sharpe, Keele University

Christine 'Xine' Yao, UCL

Dr Nicholas Cimini, Edinburgh Napier

Ian Stewart, QMUL

Dr Lewis Church – Birkbeck and Queen Mary, University of London

Leah McBride, University of Glasgow

Kat Young, University of York

Dr Alexis Wolf, Birkbeck

Claire Birkenshaw Leeds Beckett University

Danielle Wenner, Carnegie Mellon University

Larry Swain Bemidji State University

Antony Keen, Adjunct Associate Professor ,University of Notre Dame

James Trafford, UCA

Julie Wintrup

Katie Tobin, University of Sussex

Dr Tom Cornford, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London

Owen Sholes Assumption College

Sam Martin – Oxford University

Sarah Wishart, University of Leeds

Michelle Ryan, University of Exeter

John Parry, University of Leeds

Dr Gemma Ahearne, LJMU

Dr. Signy Gutnick Allen, LSE

Dr Tim Causer, UCL Laws

Rory Scothorne, University of Edinburgh

Dr Bethan Fisk, University of Leeds

Josh Clipsham

Dr Naomi Holford, The Open University

Ruth Foulis, Glasgow School of Art

Elizabeth Goodwin, York St John University

Kirsty Connell-Skinner, Edinburgh Napier University

Helen Eborall, University of Leicester

Dr Sjoerd Levelt, University of Bristol

Kazuki Yamada, University of Exeter & University of Queensland

Michael Waring, Queen's University Belfast

Blair Apgar, York

Eduardo Gutierrez, UT Austin

Jeremy Millar, Royal College of Art, London

Kate Chedgzoy, Newcastle University

Todd Snider, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Sarah Elizabeth Cox, Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr Benjamin Litherland, University of Huddersfield

Prof. A.W. Peet, University of Toronto

Leslie New, Washington State University Vancouver

Lucy Donaldson, University of St Andrews

Mr O J Treen, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Jen Calleja, freelance practitioner at various HE institutions

Dr Robert Evans. Francis Crick Institute.

Alex Reeve, Hult

Paul Fitchett, University of Oxford

Hannah J. Elizabeth, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Daniel Schillereff, King's College London

Lindsay Elliott, University of Iowa

Dr Ric Crossman, University of Warwick

Marian Hilditch, University of Bradford

Dr. Emily Jay Nicholls. Goldsmiths, University of London

Jennifer Cooke, Loughborough University

Professor Shannon Dea, University of Waterloo, Canada

Johanna Novales, University College London

Neil Smith, The Open University

Ryan Breeden, SFU

Kate (KR) Moorhead – University of East Anglia

Ian Stray

Dr Holly Pester, University of Essex

Amanda Perry-Kessaris Kent Law School

Anna Harries, Oxford Brookes University

Rose Holyoak, University of Winchester

Ryan Breeden, Simon Fraser University

Gareth Millward, University of Warwick

Fintan Mallory, King's College, London

Jessica Kath, Brunel University London

Hazel Campbell, University of Alberta

Professor Roberta Mock, University of Plymouth

Stephanie Wright, University of Sheffield

Sean Capener, University of Toronto

Gavin Schwartz-Leeper, University of Warwick

David Wengrow UCL

Hendrik Reimann, University of Delaware

Jennika Virhia University of Glasgow

Benjamin James Street, Christie's Education

Prof Elizabeth Peel, Loughborough University

Alexandra Steinlight, Institute of Historical Research, University of London

Fabien-Denis Cayer, Brandon University

Daniel Edmondson, University of Nottingham

Matthew Jones, University of Sussex

Eleanor Capaldi, University of Glasgow

Christopher Persaud, University of Southern California

Craig Holmes, University of Oxford

Liz Antell, City University of London

Jules Deering Queen Mary University of London

Gavin Brown, University of Leicester

Alison Howell, Rutgers University

Claire Horn, Birkbeck, University of London

Michael Jacovides, Purdue University

Julia Ftacek, Western Michigan University

Dr Nicola Kirkby, King’s College London

Samantha Summers, University of Toronto

Sally-Anne Wherry, University of Gloucestershire

Gideon Nisbet, University of Birmingham

J.P. Donnelly, Middlesbrough College

Sophie Keeling, University of Edinburgh

Emilio Zucchetti, Newcastle University

CJ Llorente, Georgia Tech

Elizabeth Lovegrove, Oxford Brookes University

Michelle Anya Anjirbag, University of Cambridge

Mark Pendleton, the University of Sheffield

Ryan T. Goodman, University of Manchester

Jo Henderson-Merrygold, University of Sheffield

Dr Colleen Morgan, University of York

Olivette Otele, Bath Spa University

Ruth Lang, Central Saint Martins, UAL

Dr Sara Öberg Strådal, University of Edinburgh

Rick Ellis, Strathclyde Student Union

Sam Griffin, Keele University

Prof Nicky Hudson, De Montfort University

Josh Robinson, Cardiff University

Joshua Stein, University of Calgary

Jamie Kelly, University of Glasgow

Matthew John Phillips, Rutgers University

Raquel Garcia-Cuevas, University of Kent

Dalhousie University (Canada)

Robert Shaw, Newcastle University

Robyn Orfitelli, University of Sheffield

Meghan Tinsley, University of Manchester

Dr Becky Littlechilds, University of Kent

Jessica Kasje, Yale University

Rachael Constable, King's College London

Dr Jessica Patterson, QMUL

Hilary Emmett, UEA

Mark Jago, Philosophy, University of Nottingham

Dave Goddin, Keele University

Dr Adam Jowett, Coventry University

Cordelia Freeman, University of Nottingham

KD Williams Schoolcraft College

Jessica Moore – University of Leicester

Dr Oliver Daddow, University of Nottingham

Dr Jere Koskela, University of Warwick

Stacey Wallace, University of Glasgow

Ellie Tomsett Birmingham City University

Abigail Waymont, independent HE consultant

Xandice Armah, University of Sussex

Ani Ritchie, Solent University

Mark Carter, University of the Arts London

Dr. Iorwerth Thomas, University of Exeter

Dr Stacy Gillis, Newcastle University

Benjamin Richards University of Tennessee Knoxville

Emily Webb, University of Leeds

Kristen Surla, Michigan State University

Amy Jefford Franks, former Student Fellow & Research Assistant at the University of Winchester

Dr Elizabeth Chapman, University of Sheffield

Darren Webb, University of Sheffield

Nicki Kindersley, University of Cambridge

Marion Cromb, University of Glasgow

Dr Freya Gowrley, University of Derby

Dr Abigail Boucher, Aston University

Dr Louise Nicholas, Loughborough University

Mark Doidge, University of Brighton

C. Burns, University of Leeds

William Clare Roberts, McGill University

Felicity E Adams, Keele University

Gareth Roberts, University of Pennsylvania

Lizzie Cass-Maran, University of Edinburgh

Katy Fox-Hodess, University of Sheffield

Rob Handel, Carnegie Mellon University

Erin Shannon, University of York

Dr Helen Pallett, University of East Anglia

Dr Francis Stevens, University of York

Dr Jim MacPherson, University of the Highlands and Islands

Dr L M Bibby, Teesside University

Dr Rosalind Cavaghan, Independent Scholar

Paul Attinello – Newcastle University

Dr Laura Mills, University of St Andrews

Katherine Fama, UCD

Josie Tulip, Newcastle University

Ed Legon, QMUL

Dr Zalfa Feghali, University of Leicester

Eloise Kane, University of Bristol

Dr Sophie Chambers University of South Wales

Dr Gavan Lennon, Canterbury Christ Church University

Nicky Melville, University of Edinburgh

Dr Findlay Bewicke-Copley QMUL

Dr. Nick J. Sciullo, Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Sam Caslin, University of Liverpool

Rebecca Sugden, University of Cambridge

Rosa Targett, University of Bristol

Sam Bailey, University of Durham

Iian Smythe, Rutgers University

James Todd, Department of Geography, Durham University

Emily Brown, King’s College London

Dexter Govan, University of Edinburgh.

Helen Swift, St Hilda's College, University of Oxford

Nikhil Venkatesh, UCL

Sonja Kleij, Utrecht University

Zoe Cooper Newcastle University

Edda Nicolson, University of Wolverhampton

Will Beischel, University of Michigan

Dr. JMJ Lapage, University of Warwick

Lewis Turner, Arnold Bergstraesser Institute at the University of Freiburg

Kalpana Shankar University College Dublin

Maddie Breeze, University of Strathclyde

Hannah Rossiter University of Auckland

Rachel Hubbard, UWE Bristol

Andrew Delatolla AUC

Emily Dunford, University of Warwick

Dr Sharon Greenwood, University of Glasgow

Dr Adrian Streete, University of Glasgow

Jaspreet Tehara, University of Roehampton

Damien Jarvis, University of Sussex

Peder Clark, LSHTM

Andrew Preater, University of West London

Rachael Hampden-Turner, PhD student at Cass Business School

Dr Alix Beeston, Cardiff University

Stefan Su, Technical University Munich

Dr Andrew M Butler, Canterbury Christ Church University

Professor Helen King, The Open University

Alex Shaindlin, Tampere University

Dr Nicola Clarke, Newcastle University

Dr Claire Wilkinson, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge

Dr. Rachel McKinney, Assistant Professor, Suffolk University

Andrew Delatoll

Katherine Ibbett, Trinity College, University of Oxford

Vanessa Chainey, University of East Anglia

Dr Meryl Kenny, University of Edinburgh

Andrea Cornwall, SOAS, University of London

Sara Warwick University

Jai Mackenzie, University of Nottingham

Dr Baptiste Gault (he/him), Imperial College London

Dr Wendy McMahon UEA

Jo Lindsay Walton, University of Sussex

Katherine Zieman, Trinity College Dublin

Professor Helen Wilson, UCL

Dr. Chris Corbin, University of Liverpool

Dylan O’Driscoll, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Dr Niall Richardson, University of Sussex

Dr Charlotte Terrell, University of Sussex

Emily Munoz, University of Exeter

David Ripley, Monash University

Vanessa Munro, Professor, University of Warwick

Kaylea Mitchem, University of Nottingham

Breanna McDaniel, University of Cambridge

For the full list of more than 4,000 signatories (at the time of publication), click here

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