It’s time to re-evaluate our affection for the royal family

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Thursday 17 February 2022 18:06 GMT
<p>Prince Andrew settled with Virginia Giuffre out of court this week </p>

Prince Andrew settled with Virginia Giuffre out of court this week

After the demise of Her Majesty, would it not be the perfect time for Britain to become a true democracy by giving the nation the right to choose its own head of state? What with the Prince Andrew affair, Prince Harry walking away from the monarchy, an adulterous future king now immersed in a “cash for honours” scandal, plus the cost of royalty assessed to be somewhere over £340m a year, has not the time come to recognise that the vast panoply of royalty no longer has a place in 2022 Britain?

So, let us give the Queen her due. Let us celebrate her 70 years on the throne. But after she has passed, let us rid ourselves of monarchs, dukedoms, earldoms, barons, and all the bowing, curtsying and forelock tugging. Let us be a true one-class democratic nation with a head of state chosen by the people.

David Lee

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