Sajid Javid wants us to ‘live with Covid’ instead of delay ‘freedom’ – so much for following data not dates

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Monday 05 July 2021 16:50

The award of the George Cross to the NHS is a transparently and sickeningly cynical ploy to distract attention from the insultingly derisory 1 per cent pay increase being insisted on by our contemptible government.

Our brand new health secretary is now following the example of Donald Trump in claiming that Covid is just like flu, and emboldening Boris Johnson to tell us that we will just have to learn to live with it.

One can only presume that the cunning plan must be to award the NHS a bar to its George Cross after our understaffed (thanks Brexit) and underpaid (thanks Tories) health service that workers have struggled through, and one can only hope survived, the swelling fourth wave of this pandemic.

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