The horrific terror attack in London last night has nothing to do with the Muslim faith

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Sunday 04 June 2017 20:50 BST
Blaming all Muslims for an act of terror is unfair and wrong
Blaming all Muslims for an act of terror is unfair and wrong (Getty)

With much anguish and a sense of déjà vu, I watched the horrendous events in London Bridge unfold last night while I was relaxing, having broken my fast a while back and reminiscing about the wonderful experience of the day a few hours earlier, which I had spent with my friends in Trafalgar Square and served food to the homeless people.

Yes I am a Muslim and while I was getting such kind words of appreciation from my fellow Londoners yesterday, somewhere else in the city some people were plotting to take innocent lives and strike fear in the people of this great city.

Their actions were a perversion of Islam – my religion. I want to come out in no unequivocal terms to renounce their deeds and mindset. True Islam is about love and harmony and serving your fellow human beings.

Usman Saifi
London SW15

It was disturbing to read several audacious comments on social media calling for Muslims to leave the country in aggressive, threatening, abusive and offensive tones.

Why should we single Muslims out in everything? Muslims are human beings. Many have categorically condemned these dastardly and inhumane attacks. They remain at the forefront of efforts to combat and defeat international terror. They are obviously devastated by the few in their midst who twist and distort the teaching of their religious scriptures, and many who were present by chance at the time of the attack rushed to help and save the injured.

Islam is an ocean of compassion and humanity but a drop of venom can contaminate the whole well. It is imperative we stand in absolute solidarity in these trying times.

Dr Munjed Farid Al Qutob
London NW2

The first thing I did upon hearing about the attack in London was pray for the dead, the injured and the whole of humanity.

London is my city. I was born here, raised here, studied here and work here. Along with millions of others I love this city and to love and respect my home is part and parcel of my faith: Islam.

Perpetrators of such attacks have no right to be linked with Islam, nor any religion for that matter. Religions at their core call for peace in society and to cause no harm to fellow people. In this, the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are forbidden from even arguing – to commit such acts of evil and devastating terror is unthinkable. True Islam teaches that to kill one person is to kill all of mankind.

These attacks are not Islam. Real Muslims will always strive to stop such acts of evil. Real Muslims will always be there for those in need.

Zakia Bajwa
London SW18

According to Theresa May, we wont be safe from terrorist attacks if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister. That’s rich, considering the three attacks that have happened under her tenure.

John Hudson

The general election is still all about Brexit

Irrespective of the myriad complexities facing the country, what this thoroughly unedifying election contest reveals is simply a clamouring to find out who is most competent to resolve one of the most profound acts of political and social incompetence since the war: Brexit.

I feel tempted to vote for the Conservatives simply to make sure that they can not evade their responsibility for such a nakedly self-interested act of sabotage against the once-United Kingdom. The oft-quoted rationale that the Government is simply fulfilling “the will of the people” increasingly resonates more like the defence “I was only obeying orders”.

Gerron Stewart

Corbyn was right to refuse to say he’d fire nuclear weapons

Can it be that some people have forgotten the meaning of “nuclear deterrent”? It has only one purpose – mutually assured destruction. If the nuclear button is pressed, millions of people will die in the target areas, but as surely as night follows day, many, many millions will dies in this country.

With this in mind and given the choice between a man who doesn’t want to press the nuclear button and will do everything in his power not to have to, and a woman who will cheerfully press the button and then want to change her mind, I know who I will choose.

Antony Robson

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