We deserve a leader that can plan for the future, not a buffoon who couldn’t run a bath let alone the country

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Tuesday 29 June 2021 19:37 BST

This government really is clueless. It seems to bumble along from one crisis to another. Good planning is the key to success.

Until the NHS took control of Covid-19 vaccination rollout, Matt Hancock’s lack of planning and foresight caused thousands to die needlessly; no PPE when needed, failed test and trace system, late lockdown then cancelling lockdown too early, and release of untested hospital patients to care homes.

Brexit is definitely not done even after over five years of planning and negotiations. Lord David Frost has done a sterling job giving away our birthright and has seemingly caused untold financial damage to our future. He also assisted Boris Johnson in apparently misleading the British people, parliament and the EU.

This government, and its previous iteration, have acted in a most reprehensible manner. They have taken lightly the needs of British business and people. The cavalier and infantile approach to negotiations is the trademark of this government. We are led by a buffoon with acolytes who couldn’t run a bath let alone the country.

The need we have is for seasoned practitioners who have integrity and an ability to plan a path to a better future for us and our children.

Keith Poole

Basingstoke and Tadley, Hampshire

No to silence over China

I was shocked to read Vince Cable’s ludicrous piece which I read as justifying ignoring human rights violations by the Chinese government. He should be ashamed of himself.

Over the last few months, in preparation for their centenary, the Chinese Communist Party has been using every oppressive tactic in the book to silence dissent. From forcing Tibetans to praise the party, to state-sponsored press trips espousing the virtues of tourism in Tibet. Sir Vince appears to have bought the propaganda completely.

The truth is that China’s economic growth comes on the backs of the exploitation of millions of people, including people under occupation, and it maintains its occupation of Tibet, East Turkestan and elsewhere through violent crackdowns and the systematic erasure of culture.

Pictures of the Dalai Lama are banned but portraits of Xi Jinping must hang in all monasteries. In fact the Chinese government, which kidnapped the second holiest figure in Tibetan Buddhism (the Panchen Lama) when he was six and “replaced” him with a loyalist, is planning to name its own Dalai Lama when the moment arises.

That China is now a global power is no reason to be silent about its human rights abuses. In fact, this is more urgent than ever. The UK should be placing sanctions on the architect of Uighur and TIbetan oppression, Chen Quanguo, and boycotting the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. I hope Sir Vince stops to listen to the CCP’s victims before he so readily dismisses them in future.

John Jones

Campaigns, policy and research manager, Free Tibet

A better way to assess

I see that my criticism of the assessment of academic qualifications by students’ own teachers had some foundation.

The situation in schools is not the same as that in further education colleges: pressure on teachers will be enormous and assessment methods need to be more robust. I would recommend what has been referred to by others as “pub quiz” assessment: teachers in similar schools should be assessing the papers of students they do not know.

The final point is in any case a fairer way of assessing individuals in all walks of life.

Cole Davis


PM should resign too

Of course Matt Hancock shouldn’t have had to resign, some 36 hours after the revelation of his close encounter with one of his staff; he should have been sacked the day before. But Boris Johnson, for his own dubious reasons, declined to take that step. And now he seems to be trying to imply that he might have had a hand in Hancock’s departure after all. Not only did he fail in his duty, he is now obfuscating about what he did or did not do. That’s why the PM himself should now resign.

Ooh look! There goes another flying pig.

Susan Alexander

Frampton Cotterell, South Gloucestershire

Time to end lockdown

Notices displayed in public places since the start of the Covid pandemic have been supplied by Common Sense Compliance Ltd. The government has been asking people to use common sense throughout.

Now most people are vaccinated, incidents of hospital admissions are low. Should the government not permit us all to use common sense and free us all by releasing all restrictions soon?

Jonathan Longstaff

Buxted, East Sussex

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