No decision can prevent every Covid death – we simply cannot postpone our lives indefinitely

As hard as it will be, we have to assess the wider risks. Only then can we start being normal again, writes Salma Shah

Wednesday 07 July 2021 14:26
<p>Chief medical officer Chris Whitty</p>

Chief medical officer Chris Whitty

There are simply no easy solutions, only tough choices and at some point we’re all going to have to accept the pain involved in moving forward. This statement could be applicable to practically anything in life but it’s especially relevant to the process of unlocking.

Scientists, medics and Sage experts will brim with caution and perhaps even outright disagree with the government’s decisions. There will be grumblings from the public that turn into full blown screams of fear but the announcement to go ahead and lift restrictions is a lot more cautious and finely balanced than people first assume.

We are removing most restrictions on 19 July, so called “Freedom Day”, but it is far from the final scenes of a blockbuster movie. Not all restrictions will end. We will still have to self isolate if we’re pinged, jabbed or not, until 16 August; ditto for the moment on quarantining if you’re returning from an amber list country. Even a return to work is down to individual businesses to determine and all the government is really doing is removing the stay at home order.

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