I’ve been searching for a legacy and maybe I’ve found one in my name

At home I have a file full of baby Annekas, their parents total strangers to me. They must all still be out there somewhere

Anneka Rice@AnnekaRice
Friday 21 June 2019 17:10
Madame Tussauds' waxwork (right) of the broadcaster Anneka Rice (left)
Madame Tussauds' waxwork (right) of the broadcaster Anneka Rice (left)

My weekly highlight is attending Maggi Hambling’s painting masterclass. This tribe of artists fills any void I might otherwise have in my life (how long have you got?) On Thursday, our workspace officially became named the "Maggi Hambling Studio", and we cheered our mentor and melted when she said we were her family.

It’s nice to have something in your name. I once had a yellow rose named after me – the "Anneka" rose. It was my father’s proudest moment. He must have bought 25 bushes. God knows where they ended up as he lived in a flat. Anyway, discontinued – the rose and my father.

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