Modi’s brutal annexation of Kashmir follows the Israel-Palestine script to the letter – now permanent war is certain

As the Indian prime minister and Netanyahu’s colonial policies progress, they will continue to look to each other for support, desperately seeking to convince the world that what they are doing is just

Nabila Ramdani
Thursday 22 August 2019 20:10 BST
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Prime Minister Modi defends Kashmir measures during Independence Day 2019

Last week, we saw British television personality Bear Grylls pal up with Narendra Modi for his latest wildlife adventure, Man vs Wild. The unlikely pair grinned for the cameras as India’s prime minister was questioned about a host of issues during a survivalist special that opened in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Predictably, the dialogue was supercilious and contrived. What amounted to reality TV propaganda made no reference whatsoever to the millions of Muslims fearing for their own futures in Jammu and Kashmir, a far more perilous region of the Asian mountain range.

The notoriously bellicose Modi – an extremist Hindu nationalist – has stripped Jammu and Kashmir of its autonomous status, pouring tens of thousands of extra Indian troops into the already heavily militarised region. Dissenters have been placed under arrest without trial, as a communications blackout and curfews intensify the lockdown.

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