So this is Brexit, folks, where we fight over chickens and the provenance of salt and pepper

Morrisons has been punting a Union Jack emblazoned ‘oven ready’ (how appropriate), roast-in-the-bag ‘British chicken’, with ‘NON-EU SALT AND PEPPER’

Sean O'Grady
Tuesday 02 November 2021 11:42 GMT
Morrisons supermarket agrees to £6.3bn takeover bid

Oh dear. Morrisons have got themselves into a bit of what you might call a chicken Twitter masala.

They’ve been punting a Union Jack emblazoned “oven ready” (how appropriate), roast-in-the-bag “British chicken”, with “NON-EU SALT AND PEPPER”. It looks as if the company has been taken over by mad Europhobes (in fact a US private equity outfit, but that’s another story). There was indeed a Twitter storm, with shoppers, not maybe from the key Morrisons demographic, begging the firm to say it ain’t so, and pledging never to darken their Brexity door again. That sort of thing.

It could hardly have been worse if they’d been selling packs of “Proud British Gammon” or joints of the “The Beef of Old England That Beat Nappy”, with a John Bull on the front. Just when you thought the cultural divisions over Brexit couldn’t get any worse, along comes corporate condiment fascism.

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