UK weather latest: Met Office warns hottest day of the year is on its way

Temperatures could soar to 34C, forecasters warn

Chiara Giordano
Saturday 21 July 2018 14:24
UK weather: The latest Met Office forecast

The hottest day of the year could be on the cards next week as temperatures continue to soar across the UK.

Forecasters are predicting it could reach 34C in some parts of the country on Wednesday as the heatwave continues.

Porthmadog, in Wales, is currently the record holder for the year, where the mercury hit 33C on 28 June.

“Temperatures throughout all next week into next weekend could remain hot,” said Met Office meteorologist Mark Wilson. “Wednesday we could see 33C to 34C. It won’t be everywhere; it will be particularly the southeast and London.

“34C is very hot indeed and there will be high levels of humidity for some places so it will feel muggy and humid. There’s a lot of dry weather on the cards but for the UK on the whole there will be some showers and rain around for a lot more places next week.”

There was rain in some parts of the country through Friday night, but most of this will clear leaving a fine weekend for most.

There could be a couple of showers in the south, but the southeast is expected to see highs of 29C on Saturday and 30C.

However, temperatures are likely to be lower in northwest Scotland where some rain is expected.

Mr Wilson said it was too early to predict how long the UK heatwave might last for, and that there was uncertainty towards the end of next week and next weekend. “Some computers are predicting a breakdown in the weather, so there could be thundershowers and rain,” he said.

“There’s some uncertainty but there’s the potential for the odd isolated thunderstorm towards eastern parts, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday.”

Mr Wilson advised the public to be aware of the high levels of UV. “If you are exposed to the sun seek shade, cover up, use sun tan lotion, drink lots of water and check on the vulnerable such as the elderly and the very young,” he said.

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