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Do flight prices rise with the duration of a trip? Plus: taking

Q. Why is it, if you book a one-week flight, the fare is a certain amount; if you book the same departure date but for two weeks' duration, the price goes up £20 or £30; if you book again the same departure date but for three weeks, the price increases by almost £100? I am looking at flights from Birmingham to Chania on Monarch. Do the airlines think that if you can afford a three-week holiday, you can afford to pay more for your flights? David Bailey

George Hurrell: Hollywood's icon maker

George Hurrell gave the Golden Age of Hollywood its glossy sheen and soft-focus seductiveness. He was the foremost publicity stills photographer of the day - a man responsible for creating icons.

Hollywood screen siren Jane Russell dies

Jane Russell, the busty brunette who shot to fame as the sexy star of Howard Hughes' 1941 Western The Outlaw, has died of respiratory failure, her family said today.

Siobhan Davies Dance, South London Gallery/Siobhan Davies Studios,

ROTOR, the latest project from choreographer Siobhan Davies, uses dance as a prompt for other artists. Davies has commissioned a range of works, from performance pieces to sculptures, all drawing on her latest dance work. I liked Sam Collins's video installation, and wanted to steal Ben Tyers's gorgeous sculpture, but most of these works are lightweight.

Sibling rivalry: Hollywood's oldest feud

Screen legends Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine have always had one problem: each other. Now in their nineties, the antagonism goes on. Rupert Cornwell reports