30 years in Independent cartoons: So much more than a thousand words

Britain has a glorious tradition of irreverent, bawdy, even scandalous satirical cartoons, and the international reputation of the title’s artists is well earned – 30 reasons for that are offered here. Our longest-standing is Dave Brown, who of course continues to produce his works of art for the Daily Edition. His and the others’ cartoons are not only works of superb draughtsmanship – they also make a point, and serve as eloquently as any written article as commentary on the world’s news agenda. 

Theatre review: Great Expectations, Bristol Old Vic

In Neil Bartlett’s staging of Great Expectations at Bristol Old Vic, you hear the story more than watch it. The chains of the convict, the hammering of the blacksmith, the unhinged humming of Miss Havisham are as much a part of the characters as the costume, expression and lines.

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