Police feel the heat as crime rises along with temperatures

For most people the arrival of summer provides the perfect excuse to try to master the tricky skill of cooking on a barbecue, sunbathe in a garden they usually never use and walk shirtless in places they otherwise would not. But for the police the hot weather signals one thing: a spike in crime.

Observations: Chip-lit is in the bag at this year's London Word

Now in its third year, the 2010 London Word Festival has been serving up the kind of verbal gastronomics we have come to expect from the east end's most collaborative literary event, with Toby Litt, Iain Sinclair and physicist Brian Cox just some of the treats on this month's menu.

From Dalston to Halston: East London designer Marios Schwab takes over

Flashback: May, 1977. Bianca Jagger, estranged Rolling Stones wife, Interview cover star and party girl par excellence takes to the floor of Studio 54 like a disco Lady Godiva atop a white steed. But unlike Godiva, Jagger is far from naked; instead she is draped in silk jersey, trussed with gold cord and glowing in the barrage of paparazzi flashbulbs. It's a heady cocktail of glamour, sex and celebrity that remains powerful and seductive – even today.

The truth about daddy day care

Men will soon be given the right to ask for more leave to look after their children. About time too, says Virginia Ironside

Essentials: Cassette Playa

"Cartoon couture" is the best way to describe my style — a toxic-bright blend of patterns, graphic shapes, street and sportswear with a focus on sub-cultures.