Digital Music

The 10 Best tough gadgets

If you regularly wreck mobiles, need a watch that can take a kicking or fancy a water-proof MP3, check these out...

The 10 best iPod docks

Forget the headphones – share your (no doubt) excellent taste in music with the world using the latest generation of speaker systems.

Digital music sales boost royalties

Songwriters, composers and music publishers received more money in royalties last year, as the growth in digital music sales for the first time offset the decline in traditional CD and DVD formats.

Gadget of the week - Bach iPod, £499

It might sound like a lot of money to pay for an iPod but this is no ordinary MP3 player – it's a classical music fan's dream buy. That's because it's pre-loaded with 175 hours of J S Bach, plus an extra 63GB of memory for more stunning symphonies. It comes with three back-up DVDs containing the audio files for the complete Bach edition, in case any iPod novices manage to wipe the memory.

WIN one of six fantastic MP3 players!

As we launch this competition it’s sunny outside, so we’ve decided that means it’s officially summer. So, what could be better than lounging outside in the garden, drinking lemonade, reading a good book and listening to some great music? Well, we can’t help with the garden, lemonade or book, but we can offer six lucky winners an MP3 player with built in FM radio. Can’t be bad!