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The year the grains failed

Families are going hungry in the developing world after calamitous weather conditions decimated harvests. Michael McCarthy reports

Trials Evolution – Review

Trials HD is rightly considered an XBLA classic. Its mix of physics-enabled motocross platforming and second-shaving, leaderboard-climbing gameplay creating an addictive, if sometimes frustrating, experience. Trials Evolution, its inevitable sequel, ups the ante in almost every conceivable way: the explosions are more ridiculous, the tracks more fiendish, the veneer of slack-jawed extreme sports jargon more hilarious.

Michael Peterson: Surfer whose glittering career was ended by his

Known as "MP" among the surfing fraternity, Michael Peterson dominated Australian surfing in the early 1970s. But although he was regarded as the best in the world by his peers, his domination never spread beyond his native country. With his aviator sunglasses, leather jacket and brooding aura, Peterson was nothing short of intimidating. Resented by some but adored by the majority, he was supremely talented, but his career hit the buffers before it had had chance to blossom.

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Sarah Burke: Freestyle skiier and pioneer for her sport

Although she had been in a coma for nine days after a fall in training, the death of 29-year-old daredevil Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke on Thursday sent shock waves not only through the global skiing community but among extreme sportsmen and women of every kind. Burke, a role model to women skiers and to the youngsters she trained, was considered one of the world's best female freestyle skiers and was favourite for superpipe gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Cultural Life: Mat Collishaw, artist

Film: 'The Visit', 1964. A strange little tale, directed by Bernhard Wicki, about a wealthy woman who returns to her impoverished childhood village and offers a huge sum of money to regenerate it. Her one condition is that they execute her ex-lover who betrayed her 20 years before. After an initially appalled rejection, the villagers start to appear with new clothes and consumer goods, their loyalty eroded by the allure of money.