Barometer: Kurt Cobain

17 years ago today Kurt Cobain took his own life in a suicide that shook not just the music world, but pop culture in general. All this time on, there’s very little to say about Cobain, or indeed Nirvana – the ground breaking grunge rock’n'roll band he fronted – that hasn’t already been said.

Fashion: The latest in hobo chic

Anyone who has ever chuckled at the scene in Ben Stiller's fashion-world spoof Zoolander in which a designer unveils a clothing collection inspired by "the vagrants that make this wonderful city" will no doubt be aware of the industry's occasional ability to transform the most inappropriate subject matter into a sartorial statement. In the case of this season's "luxe grunge" trend, designers have fortunately stopped short of channelling actual vagrants and opted for the nearest acceptable alternative, the proponents of the early 90s grunge scene.

Album: Eliza Carthy, Dreams of Breathing Underwater (Topic)

She's on the front in bright blue eye-shadow and lippy, lying down, her hair curling round her jaw like Rita Hayworth's. There's a clue. Not your regular folk album. It does with the elements of the English folk tradition what Tom Waits does with the elements of tradtional American music: screws them back together all wonky, as frames for wonky songs. In 'Dreams', Eliza sings about boys and that. They're odd but good songs, and the arrangements are occasionally thrillingly imaginative. She even has a lash on grunge tenor guitar. One of the albums of the year, you'll find.