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What it’s like to live with autism: new simulation Auti-Sim gives

I spend a lot of time wondering what life is really like for my daughter, who has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism. Watching her navigate the day-to-day is one thing: comprehending the sources of her meltdowns and frequent distress from the inside is something else entirely.

Last night's viewing: Louie, Fox; The Following, Sky Atlantic

For most British viewers, Louie’s reputation will have long preceded the thing itself. It runs something like this: groundbreaking low-budget comedy, impeccably free of interference from the suits and trading on the poor schlub candour of its online begetter – Louis CK, a comedian of cult standing.

Observations: Holiday horror comes to Britain

Looking for a summer break you won't forget in a hurry? How about spending the weekend screaming and running through a Lancashire campsite at the UK's first “immersive horror” holiday?

Screen Talk: Unkind cuts

Hollywood is mulling the impact of a small yet impactful number of job losses recently felt at DreamWorks, Steven Spielberg's studio.

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