The week in radio: Ruth Barnes is a pop pioneer who knows what women

It's official: the gender imbalance is on radio is real, and it's a problem. Of course, for those of us in possession of both ears and ovaries, this is hardly breaking news. But for the benefit of all the knuckle-dragging nitwits who like their ironing done by someone else and who say we should stop whining because we have Radio 4's Woman's Hour – a whole hour! Every day! Entirely to ourselves! – it's now here in black and white.

The 10 Best headphones

If you’re looking for cool, Seventies retro, earpads as comfy as old cushions or cans that keep your music private, this selection has it all...

How the Marleys sold out (in style)

Bob Marley's image, like Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson's, has been used and abused. Since his death in 1981 his visage, often smoking, often smiling, has become a symbol of pretty much anything anyone with a poster press and T-shirt printer fancied.

The Imaginary Radio Programme: Drennon Davis, Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh

If you add “with Monique Moreau on keyboard” to the self-explanatory title of this show then you get exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a simple recipe to prepare and serve: the American duo pretend to dial surf through the airwaves in order to pastiche various musical styles.

Independent podcast: Susan Bullock

When Susan Bullock delivers the traditional rendition of Rule, Britannia! at this year's Last Night of the Proms it will come as a ringing endorsement of her continuing pre-eminence as Britain's leading dramatic soprano.

Independent podcast: Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor and David Wood's musicalisation of L.P. Hartley's The Go-Between for the West Yorkshire Playhouse marks a further departure in the development of that many-faceted genre we call musical theatre.

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Independent Classical Podcast: Antonio Pappano

The Royal Opera's Music Director Antonio Pappano, star of the BBC TV series Opera Italia, has been making waves all over Europe with his Italian musical family - the Orchestra and Chorus of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia - and their latest EMI offering, a sensational live recording of Rossini's rarely performed operatic swansong William Tell, is certain to achieve landmark status.

Independent classical podcast: Ronald Corp

Ronald Corp is one of Britain's unsung heroes in the field of the neglected and the forgotten in music. His New London Orchestra has refreshed parts of the repertoire that others have disdainfully looked down upon.

Independent classical podcast: Thomas Kemp

Thomas Kemp is the founder and conductor of Chamber Domaine - a musical ensemble with a mission: to explore the links between our musical past and present and to investigate issues of style as related to changing fashions in performance.

iDrive: Hyundai i10 Blue - iDrive

Price: £9,195

Engine capacity: 998cc three cylinder

Power output (PS@rpm): 68 @ 62000

Top speed (mph): 93

0-62 mph (seconds): 14.8

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