Jo Brand

Amanda Ross's TV Book Club

The creator of Richard and Judy's Book Club is on a mission to spread the printed word with her new TV show. John Walsh meets publishing's first lady of letters

Jo Brand: This charming woman

The comedian, whose latest novel is about mental illness and Morrissey, reveals how her own angst acts as an inspiration

John Sergeant: Fancy footwork

If the judges had their way, the former political reporter would have exited 'Strictly Come Dancing' long ago. But audiences love him

The Pirates of Penzance, Gielgud Theatre, London

Peter Mulloy's feisty period stagings of the Savoy Operas have proved beyond reasonable doubt that you don't need elaborate and gimmicky stage values to raise the necessary chuckles with these well-worn pieces. An experienced crew of singing actors and a strong sense of English eccentricity will do nicely.