Metronomy interview: ‘A return to form’

Joseph Mount is not a nostalgic person. You might think the mastermind of Metronomy is, given that his latest album is entitled Summer 08. Certainly French journalists do, since their press release states it’s a “nostalgic” album, and resulting interview questions have been vexing him.

Time to wear their art on their sleeves again

CD sales are declining and music is, increasingly, bought online. So why do bands still bother so much about album art? Gillian Orr discovers that some are making more interesting covers than ever

Simian Mobile Disco - Standing out the way of control

Simian Mobile Disco intended their new album to consist of plain techno. Then indie stars such as Beth Ditto, Gruff Rhys and Hot Chip got in touch, and they realised they'd better write some songs. They talk Chris Mugan through their chaotic creative process

Hot Chip, Brixton Academy, London

So nu-rave was a bit of a non-event in the end, wasn't it? It's been a few months since the genre that spawned a thousand luminous T-shirts seemingly dissolved in a Hadouken!-shaped mess on the floor and, other than a pair of broken white Ray Bans, what have we to show for it?

Metronomy, ULU, London

Three men in black stand on a red-lit stage, each with a glowing white orb stuck to his chest. At first sight and sound, Metronomy may seem like just another post-Klaxons dance-pop group, but appearances are deceptive.

Arctic Monkeys ape Oasis with NME triumph

Gordon Brown and Andy Burnham both claim to listen to them on their iPods, but the Arctic Monkeys received a slightly hipper seal of approval last night when they were called the "Oasis of their generation" by the New Musical Express.