Political Philosophy

The end of the world is nigh!

Haven't you heard? It's the end of the world! Or nearly anyway. Today is 12/12/12; crazy things will doubtless happen at 12:12:12 this afternoon. But we're also getting extensive reports that around the world, particularly in Russia and China, that doomsayers are convinced that December 21st will be our last day on earth. Presumably these are the same religious brethren who predicted the millennium would bring the end of the world, as have other fantasists from time immemorial. Apocalypse is a Christian idea.

Morsi's offer to reverse power grab rejected

Opposition groups have spurned an offer from the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to reverse the highly controversial power grab he issued last month, vowing to escalate their protests until he scraps a planned referendum on the new constitution.

Egypt's Morsi rescinds decree

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi early Sunday annulled most of an extraordinary decree that gave him near-absolute power and has plunged this nation into a deeply divisive political crisis.

Egypt appeal judges strike over Morsi power grab

Egypt's two highest appeals courts suspended their work yesterday in protest over the presidential decrees that have given the country's Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi nearly absolute powers, state television reported.