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Royal National Theatre

Please go to the Diary Room...National Trust to open Big Brother house

If you’d like enter the Diary Room, bounce on the overstuffed furniture and marvel at the close confines of a reality TV experiment that has last over a decade, now might be your chance as the National Trust is set to open the Big Brother House to the public for one weekend later this month.

50 things to do before you're 21

It's high summer all of a sudden. Eleanor Doughty reckons the National Trust's list of things to do outside before you’re 11¾ is the last word in summer fun

Sound moves from bright young thing Haroon Mirza

The British artist Haroon Mirza has transformed a space at London's Lisson Gallery into a gleaming symphony of light, reverberation and echo with his newest installation, /o/o/o/o/. Its centrepiece, a reverberation chamber created by Mirza and his architect brother, Omar, will be lit by small, flashing LEDs that correspond to noise from speakers rigged in and about the chamber. The combination of constant, clanging noise and flashing light is set to offer a unique, otherworldly gallery-going experience.

British tourists 'tortured' in Dubai

Anger grows over trial of three young Londoners who face death penalty after drug confessions that they say were extracted by electric shocks and gun threats

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Things to do in winter

Stuck for ideas for what to do during the coldest few months of the year? This is winter, sorted

Five-minute memoir: the box of delights

The day after my father died, my aunt came to me and said, "You're an orphan now". It didn't matter that I was in my early forties, or that my mother had passed away years before – the fact remained, my dad was gone. My brothers, my sister and I were on our own, lost without the rudder that had once steered the family ship.