Stewart Lee

James Acaster: Prompt, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

After a tumbleweed-inducing debut solo show last year, the 27-year-old Kettering boy has returned to the Fringe and imposed an effective rule of three on his whimsical stylings: judicious repetition, reinforcement and joined-up thinking.

My Edinburgh: Bridget Christie, Comedian

The Edinburgh Fringe is the best arts festival in the  world.  Performers from all over the  globe stage over 2,000 shows every day for a month. But my favourite thing to do is to eat four pickled eggs in a row and some chips on a bench on The Royal Mile.  Not when the fourth one has gone  off though, like last year. 

At Last! The 1981 Show, Royal Festival Hall, London

The intention of this live slice of comedy history was to commemorate some of those who shaped a new comedy scene in Britain, but it served mainly as a reminder that “alternative comedy” was often not as funny as it thought it was.

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Kevin Eldon Is Titting About, The Stand, Edinburgh

The ubiquitous Kevin Eldon popped up in some of the most influential television comedies of the Nineties and beyond – Jam, Black Books, Spaced, Brass Eye, Nighty Night and Green Wing. Not all of his Fringe audience today will know of his previous live work, or indeed be used to seeing him as the star of a show. But whatever the level of background knowledge, most, if not all, of us left his show with the feeling that we had witnessed some "titting about" of the highest order.