Stewart Lee

My Edinburgh: Bridget Christie, Comedian

The Edinburgh Fringe is the best arts festival in the  world.  Performers from all over the  globe stage over 2,000 shows every day for a month. But my favourite thing to do is to eat four pickled eggs in a row and some chips on a bench on The Royal Mile.  Not when the fourth one has gone  off though, like last year. 

War on Want Comedy Gig, Shepherd's Bush Empire, London

Comic Relief may be over, but the relationship between charity and comedy continues apace. In the last two weeks there have been three major charity galas, including this event that celebrated 60 years of the movement founded by humanitarian Victor Gollancz.

My Secret Life: Richard Herring, comedian, 43

My parents were... My dad was my headmaster and my mother also taught me at school. I did a whole show about whether it psychologically scarred me, but when I look back, I think all the bad things about me were already in existence. I was in a fortunate position where I had a very solid family – my parents have been together since they were 13. It's almost hard to live up to that!

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Kevin Eldon Is Titting About, The Stand, Edinburgh

The ubiquitous Kevin Eldon popped up in some of the most influential television comedies of the Nineties and beyond – Jam, Black Books, Spaced, Brass Eye, Nighty Night and Green Wing. Not all of his Fringe audience today will know of his previous live work, or indeed be used to seeing him as the star of a show. But whatever the level of background knowledge, most, if not all, of us left his show with the feeling that we had witnessed some "titting about" of the highest order.

Kevin Eldon's one-man show is one of the Edinburgh Fringe festival's

Further proof, were it needed, that comedians cannot resist returning to the bosom of live comedy is comic actor Kevin Eldon. Given his revered status among comedy fans, Eldon taking a one-man show to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time is among the festival's most intriguing propositions. This dazzlingly versatile actor has been stealing scenes in UK comedy shows for more than 15 years – including I'm Alan Partridge, Brass Eye, under-acknowledged sketch show Big Train, Spaced, Nighty Night, Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, Jam and Fist of Fun.