Cultural Life: Mat Collishaw, artist


Charlotte Cripps
Friday 20 January 2012 01:00 GMT

Film: 'The Visit', 1964. A strange little tale, directed by Bernhard Wicki, about a wealthy woman who returns to her impoverished childhood village and offers a huge sum of money to regenerate it. Her one condition is that they execute her ex-lover who betrayed her 20 years before. After an initially appalled rejection, the villagers start to appear with new clothes and consumer goods, their loyalty eroded by the allure of money.

Television: I really liked Chris Lilley's 'Angry Boys' on BBC3, which has a cast of really well observed characters. The controlling mother of a young Japanese skateboarder is also his manager. She markets him as a homosexual, Japanese genius – whereas he's really just an American, hetrosexual lad. She insists he uses the catchphrases "I'm gay!" and "gaystyle!" to corner an edgy niche in the market.

Books: 'Public Enemies', an exchange of letters between Michel Houellebecq and Bernard-Henri Lévy. Neither of these writers is known for being publicity shy, so you have to read it knowing that their letter writing is intended for a slightly wider audience than they pretend. Also 'Bird Brain' by Guy Kennaway, a pro-pheasant hunting book written from the perspective of a pheasant. A very funny account of avian genocide.

Theatre: 'Burnt Oak' in a tiny basement theatre off Leicester Square. It had a very small bar we got drinks from, which then became the bar in the play. It was a kitchen sink drama and was basically like being in someone's front room. It was intense and brutal. It's written by Laurence Lynch, who used to be the plumber at the Colony Rooms.

Mat Collishaw: The End of Innocence at Dilston Grove, London SE16 (020 7237 1230) 20 April to 27 May

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